WhatsApp Delays New Privacy Policy After Facebook Data Sharing Controversy


WhatsApp is postponing the launch of the upgrade because of “confusion” and “misinformation.”

WhatsApp is currently delaying the execution of a new privacy policy that compels users to share information with Facebook. The stage considers a lot of “confusion” and “misinformation” surrounding the coverage, which explains why it’s pushing back the upgrade until a later date.

WhatsApp Responds to Data Sharing Backlash

In early January 2021, WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy that compels users to share information with Facebook. The policy also said that if you did not consent to the new provisions by February 8, 2021, WhatsApp would delete your own accounts.

This upgrade was fulfilled with significant backlash. Users clearly did not wish to share Data with Facebook, which prompted a mass migration out of WhatsApp to additional personal messaging options.

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After viewing this response, WhatsApp chose to push its rollout. The stage created a post on the WhatsApp blog, saying that “there has been a lot of misinformation causing concern” regarding the new upgrade.

WhatsApp explained that the program is developed on solitude, and “not one of this is altering” together with all the new policy. It clarified that WhatsApp will nevertheless maintain its core values, saying:

We’ll always protect your private conversations with end-to-end encryption, which means that WhatsApp nor Facebook may observe these personal messages. It’s the reason why we do not keep logs of that everybody’s calling or texting. We also can not see your shared place, and we do not discuss your connections with Facebook.

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WhatsApp also wished to make it crystal clear that the brand new update is just geared towards customers who store on the program. The stage noted that “although not everybody stores with a company on WhatsApp now, we believe that more individuals will opt to do so later on, and it is important men and women know of those services.”

Due to the several questions raised by WhatsApp’s new coverage, the stage is delaying its execution. WhatsApp plans on supplying further clarifications relating to this coverage and promises to not suspend or delete users’ accounts on February 8.

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Instead, it will slowly nudge people towards assessing the coverage “at their own pace before new company choices are offered on May 15.”

WhatsApp Still Is Not Changing Its Policy

Though WhatsApp is providing users more time to consider this policy shift, it is still not shifting its coverage. It follows that data sharing with Facebook will be part of the program, even if it’s only restricted to purchasing.

Many WhatsApp users have been pushed away with this shift, which explains why specific messaging programs, such as Signal, have seen significant users’ growth.