Nutanix Move Tool

Nutanix Move Tool

Here we can see “Nutanix Move Tool”

Nutanix Move 3.6.1 is available for download from portal.

With Nutanix Transfer 3.6, published in July 2020, Nutanix attracted a few new features and support for new platforms. Like service for Nutanix clusters at Amazon AWS or SUSE 15 service or Nutanix Transfer API. The whole list under. You can now migrate workloads between various kinds of environments such as AWS, Hyper-V, and VMware ESXi with minimum downtime. Additionally, look at my video on how you’re able to test migration before cutover (see movie below).

  • Additional Support for Nutanix Clusters on AWS Transfer
  • Additional Support for SUSE 15 VMs
  • Additional Support for UEFI using Secure Boot to get Hyper-VMove currently supports UEFI using a Safe boot to get Hyper-V.
  • Additional Support for UEFI using Secure Boot for ESXi
  • Move today supports UEFI using a safe boot for ESXi.Added Service for New Kernel Version for AWSMove currently supports kernel 4.15.0-1065-aws.
  • Additional Support for Migration of AWS EC2 Instances with no Public IP
  • Additional Support for Bulk VM actions.
  • Additional support for utilizing Move APIs out of UI

Nutanix Transfer 3.6.1 (published October 2020), Nutanix provides support for couple more guest OS programs and lots of bug fixes.

  • Support for RHEL 8.1 migration
  • Support for CentOS 8.0 — 8.2 migration
  • Ubuntu 19.04 migration
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Nutanix Move may be downloaded from the portal site.

Nutanix Move – an easy way to migrate to Nutanix

Migrate from Amazon AWS into Nutanix AHV with a couple of Straightforward steps.

With Nutanix Transfer, the earthquake from Amazon AWS wasn’t simpler. Nutanix simplifies migration from Amazon AWS for many guest operating systems; see the listing below:

With Nutanix Transfer, the earthquake from Amazon AWS wasn’t simpler. Nutanix simplifies migration from Amazon AWS for many guest operating systems; see the listing below:

  • Windows 2016
  • Windows 2012
  • RHEL 6.X and 7. X
  • CentOS 6.8 to 6.9 and 7.3 to 7.5
  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, along with 18.04

For the entire list of verified Guest OS, check out Nutanix Transfer documentation that’s always current and the best spot to acquire the most recent information.

NOTE: with each Nutanix Transfer release, we’re adding more systems to the listing.

In this blog article, I’ll illustrate how to migrate Windows 2016 out of Amazon AWS into Nutanix AHV.

Before starting, you must do a little bit of preworkprework and be sure that to comply with Nutanix Transfer requirements.

  • Deploy Nutanix Move Nutanix AHV
  • Prepare migration consumer on Amazon AWS.
  • Insert AWS area into Nutanix Transfer
  • Ensure you have all of the firewall interfaces open
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As soon as you’ve got prework done. You can start the migration from Amazon AWS into Nutanic AHV. Watch the youtube movie for additional information.

The migration period depends on how much information you’re migrating, what’s network bandwidth available between Amazon AWS and the on-prem data centre, the number of VMs you’re planning to relocate’s the data change speed on every VM.

Nutanix Move Tool Components

Nutanix Transfer Tool structure relies on many crucial functioning elements like Nutanix-Move, NTNX-MOVE-AGENT, Change Block Tracking: CBT motorist, those functions to move/migrate V2V VMs migration out of source hypervisor to destination Nutanix AHV hypervisor.

How Nutanix Move Tool Components works ?

Today we’ll learn the part of Nutanix Transfer software parts, and Nutanix Transfer Tool Remarks works? Throughout V2V VMs migration out of third-party origin hypervisor into Nutanix native AHV hypervisor as the destination.

Nutanix Transfer Tool Components listing is here:

  • Nutanix Transfer VM
  • NTNX-Move-Agent
  • Change Block Tracking — CBT Driver

Nutanix-Move: a VM is operating around the Nutanix audience to orchestrate the migration.

NTNX-MOVE-AGENT: a broker is operating on AWS as an EC2 case of kind t2.micro. NTNX-MOVE-AGENT interfaces with origin VM to ease the migration, functions together with AWS APIs to shoot snapshots and transports information from source to goal. An NTNX-MOVE-AGENT example is set up in each area with the AWS accounts of their IAM user. Whenever the site’s previous migration strategy is deleted out of Nutanix Transfer, Nutanix Move quits the NTNX-MOVE-AGENT case. After the origin is eliminated, the NTNX-MOVE-AGENT case has been terminated.

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Notice: Integrating single AWS accounts as a supply with numerous IAM users isn’t supported.

Altered Block Tracking (CBT) Driver: a motorist running on the origin VMs to be booted to facilitate efficient transport of information from the source to the goal. The motorist is set up as a member of this origin VM prep and eliminated during article migration cleanup.

When You’re migrating from ESXi into AHV, Nutanix-Move immediately communicates with vCenter via the Management Server and the Supply Agent. The Supply Agent gathers the VMware library’s info concerning the VM being migrated (User VM).

Notice: Nutanix transforms the origin VM discs to AHV format.

Nutanix Move Support Migration Platform

Nutnaix Move Supports migration out of hypervisors / Cloud platforms:

  • ESXi into AHV
  • Hyper-V into AHV
  • AWS into AHV
  • ESXi into ESXi(around Nutanix)


Nutanix Transfer tool is an essential instrument for performing V2V migration out of the service virtualization system to the Nutanix AHV platform.