How to Remove Non Existent Cd Drive in Windows 10

How to Remove Non Existent Cd Drive in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Remove Non Existent Cd Drive in Windows 10”

  • Users claimed that after they updated their copy of Windows 10, an additional disk letter also appeared.
  • This essay will examine the problem and offer some solutions.

It appears that following an update to the Windows 10 operating system, an additional drive letter, such as E:/ with the designation RTL UL, may appear.

A Realtek LAN driver has a close connection to the Extra CD drive that appears in Windows 10.

Additionally, if you browse it, you’ll find a few additional files linked to the driver and an executable file with the name RTK NIC DRIVER INSTALLER.sfx.exe.

Read on to learn how to fix Windows 10’s missing CD drive as we explore various solutions in this post.

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How do I remove the extra drive letter in Windows 10?

1. Assign a new drive path

    1. Hold down the Windows+X key.
    2. Select the Disk Management option by left-clicking.
    3. Verify whether the CD drive that appeared is recognized by looking under the higher and lower windows.
    4. You must perform a right-click on the drive if you can see it in the Disk Management window.
    5. Choose Change drives letter and pathways by doing a left-click or a tap.
    6. Next, give the particular drive a new path.

2. Use a restore point

    1. The Windows + R key while holding it down.
    2. Write: rstrui in the run dialog box, then click OK.
    3. Select a Windows 10 restore point after that.
    4. It may take up to 20 minutes for the process to be finished.
    5. Restart your device once the procedure is finished.

3. Eject your drive

    1. Launch the File Explorer tab.
    2. Right-click the drive that’s giving you trouble.
    3. Left-click the Eject option after that.
    4. Reboot Windows 10 after you’ve successfully ejected it.

4. Use a partition Wizard

You can install and use the Aomei Partition Assistant if the problem continues and the phantom drive is still present.

This software lets you view and manage any drive present on your computer, including the enigmatic disk we’ve discussed.

You must choose and format the newly discovered partition after installing the software.

⇒ Get Aomei Partition Assistant

5. Use the Recovery option

    1. Choose Update & Security under Settings.
    2. Select Recovery, then choose Restart now.

You now have a few options for removing your missing CD drive from your Windows 10 operating system.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I remove directories that won’t delete?

    1. Launch Windows 10’s elevated Command Prompt.
    2. To forcefully delete a file, enter the command del + file path.
    3. To compel Windows 10 to destroy a folder, use the rmdir /s /q + folder directory and enter.

2. How can nonexistent files be deleted?

Right-click the problematic file and select “Add to Archives.” Then choose to remove the original file after compression in the settings. Continue and leave the other options alone. A compressed file will be created in its stead after the bad file is erased.

3. How do I remove damaged and unreadable folders?

You can delete a folder by selecting “Delete,” pressing “Shift+Delete,” or dragging it to the recycle bin if it becomes corrupted, illegible, or damaged. These are all straightforward and basic procedures, but you might not always succeed in using them.

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