How to: Fix Mouse Double Clicks on Windows Pcs

How to: Fix Mouse Double Clicks on Windows Pcs

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Mouse Double Clicks on Windows Pcs”

  • On Windows 10, your mouse may double-click due to outdated drivers.
  • We advise using a third-party, specialized program to get the most recent files.
  • If your mouse randomly double clicks, you might also decide to install a specific gaming program.
  • Changing a few settings from the USB Root Hub menu is another solution to this issue.

One of the most crucial parts of your computer is the mouse because you depend on it constantly to complete practically all of your tasks.

Many people complained about mouse issues, and one of the most annoying ones was that the mouse was double-clicked on Windows 10.

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On your PC, there are a variety of mouse issues that might arise. In this post, we’ll show you how to resolve the following problems:

    • Mouse clicks registering twice – Although this is a frustrating issue, many customers have reported that their mouse clicks twice; you should be able to remedy it with our remedies.
    • Wireless mouse clicks twice – Both wired and wireless mice have this problem. Try directly connecting your receiver to your PC if you’re having this issue with your wireless mice.
    • Mouse automatically clicks twice – User claims that this can happen occasionally. Hardware problems may be the root of this peculiar issue.
    • Middle mouse button clicks twice – This is another mouse issue that users reported. According to them, their middle mouse button clicks twice sometimes.
    • Mouse clicks randomly – Users frequently complained about this issue. They claim that their mouse can still click when hovering.
    • Mouse clicks too sensitive – Several customers have complained that their mouse clicks are too sensitive. Your mouse setting is most likely to blame, but you should have little trouble fixing this.

How can I fix mouse double-clicking issues?

1. Rollback to the older driver

    1. To access the Power User Menu, press Windows Key + X. Then, choose Device Manager from the list.
    2. Locate your mouse or touchpad in Device Manager and double-click it to access its properties.
    3. Click the Roll Back Driver button on the Driver tab.
    4. Wait for Windows 10 to restore the previous driver version.

Few people have reported that this mouse and touchpad problem develops after a certain Windows Update, and it is advised that you go back to the earlier driver version to cure it.

Some people advise utilizing the default driver as an alternative. To do this, open the Device Manager, find your mouse or touchpad, and then select Uninstall from the context menu.

Restart your computer after the driver has been removed. The default driver will be installed when your machine restarts, hopefully solving your issue.

2. Install Logitech gaming software

Installing Logitech Gaming Software, according to users, will solve the mouse issue.

The issue with double clicks was totally fixed when this program was installed. Remember that only Logitech peripherals should function with this fix.

3. Use a professional third-party software

You might want to think about utilizing third-party software to fix your mouse if it keeps double-clicking. Out-of-date drivers may be the cause of issues seen when attempting to execute specific software programs.

The system frequently fails to correctly update the generic drivers for the devices and hardware on your PC.A manufacturer’s driver and a generic driver have important distinctions.Finding the correct driver version for every piece of hardware in your system can be time-consuming.

4. Change the mouse double click speed

    1. Launch the Control Panel. To accomplish that, open Control Panel and hit Windows Key + S. Then, choose Control Panel from the list of options that appears.
    2. Switch from Category to Large Icons in the display.
    3. To modify the mouse settings, locate Mouse and click it.
    4. By dragging the slider, find the Double-click speed section, and modify it. Some users assert that you should increase the double click speed, while others assert that you should decrease it.
    5. Once you’re finished, click Apply and OK to preserve your changes and see if the problem has been resolved.

Users said that changing speed settings is what is causing this problem. They claim that simply altering the double click’s speed, you may remedy the issue. Observe the methods as mentioned above to accomplish that.

5. Change power management settings for USB Root Hub

    1. Fire up, Device Manager.
    2. Expand the area, including Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    3. Click the USB Root Hub twice to access its properties.
    4. Uncheck the box under the Power Management tab. Then, to conserve power, let the computer turn off this appliance.
    5. To save changes, click Apply and OK.
    6. The same procedures must be followed for each USB Root Hub device listed in Device Manager.

Users claimed that you could stop the mouse from randomly double-clicking by altering the power management settings for USB Root Hub. Simply follow the directions listed above to accomplish that.

6. Check if your mouse is working properly

    1. From the menu, choose Mouse & Touchpad Settings.
    2. Locate Select Right from the menu after selecting your primary button.

If you find yourself asking, “Why is my mouse double-clicking?” the worn-out left mouse button may be to blame.

Simply alternate the left and right mouse buttons to test your mouse and see if the issue reappears.

An alternative method is to access Control Panel and choose the Mouse button. Then, open Mouse Properties and check the Button configuration’s primary and secondary buttons.

To save changes, click Apply and OK.

After switching the left and right mouse buttons, use the mouse for a bit to see if the issue persists when the right button is used as the default.

Try connecting your mouse to a separate PC or using a different mouse on your PC to ensure your mouse isn’t working properly if the issue doesn’t manifest.

7. Connect your mouse or wireless receiver directly to the PC

Users claim that occasionally this problem can arise because your wireless receiver was not directly linked to the PC.

Make sure you unplug your wireless receiver or mouse and connect it straight to the PC if you’re using a USB hub.

Many people claimed their USB hub was the problem, but it was fixed when they connected the receiver straight to the PC.

8. Install the latest updates

    1. Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows Key + I.
    2. Click on Update & Security now.
    3. Click the Check for Updates button to continue.

Your Windows may occasionally be out of date if you have this issue. However, users claim that their mouse issue was fixed after downloading and installing the most recent updates.

Windows is now going to look for updates. When you restart your computer, Windows will automatically download and install any available updates.

Be sure to update Windows, as several people claimed that doing so solved their issues.

9. Disable Enhance pointer precision feature

    1. Go to the Control Panel’s Mouse section.
    2. Uncheck the Enhance pointer precision feature under the Pointer Options tab. Then, to save changes, click Apply and OK.

Users claim that you might be able to solve this issue by simply turning off Enhance pointer precision. To accomplish it, take the following actions:

After removing this feature, your mouse may feel less sensitive, but double-clicking issues should be rectified.

We sincerely hope that the remedies we provided in this post will help you resolve the issue of the mouse double-clicking.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does Windows 10 double-click when I just click once with my mouse?

Change folder and search options can be found by clicking Options inside the View tab. Make sure that Double-click to open an item (single-click to select) is enabled under Click items in Folder Options’ General tab. Click Apply to save any changes you made to the behavior.

2. Why does my mouse always double-click?

The most frequent cause of the double-clicking problem is a mouse double-click speed setting that is too low. When the threshold is really low, clicking twice can be mistaken for a double-click.

3. How can I get my cursor back to how it was?

A. If you’re using a laptop, try pressing the key combination on the keyboard that turns on and off your mouse. It is typically the Fn key together with F3, F5, F9, or F11 (it depends on the make of your laptop, and you may need to consult your laptop manual to find it out).

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