Twitter May Soon Let You Tweet to Only Your “Trusted Friends”

Twitter May Soon Let You Tweet to Only Your

Twitter users are often able to manage multiple accounts at once for different purposes. The platform allows users to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously on one device, allowing seamless switching between them.

Although the user experience isn’t necessarily bad, it does feel like the process could be simplified a bit.

What If You Could Choose Who Sees Your Tweets?

Andrew Courter, Twitter designer (@a_dsgnr), has shared some initial design concepts for potential new features. These are great ideas for those who want to separate their professional and personal lives on Twitter.

Trusted Friends is the first concept. It functions on Twitter in the same way as selecting an audience for a post on Facebook or choosing between Close Friends and public stories on Instagram.

You can tweet something that only your Trusted Friends see. Additionally, you can choose to view your Trusted Friends tweets first.

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This could be an excellent compromise for Twitter users who want to share their public following with only real-life friends.

Courter shared screenshots of Facets to show you how you can choose between multiple personas. All of them are linked to one Twitter account.

Your followers will be able to choose whether to follow the entire account or just the Facets that interest them.

Alternatively, You Could Set Your Boundaries

Twitter could add the ability to tweak Reply Preferences. You can set phrases you don’t want to see in your replies to tweets. Then, users can highlight it with a brief explanation.

This little orange notice won’t stop people from sending you nasty messages on Twitter. They’d probably ignore it completely. However, it might prevent users from accidentally using language that could make you uncomfortable.

Courter claims that you could also enable automatic actions such as moving replies that ignore your preferences and continue the conversation.

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Let Twitter Know What You Think It Should Add Next

It seems that Twitter is the most popular social media platform. This could be because of the office staff who enlighten an app researcher looking into the code to discover these features before anyone else.

You can leave feedback on the thread to request that any of these design concepts be made official Twitter features.