Minecraft Live 2021: Mob vote, when, and where

Minecraft Live 2021: Mob vote, when, and where

The annual Minecraft celebration, referred to as Minecraft Live, has been given a date and a time for 2021. This year’s Minecraft Live will once more be exclusively live streamed – not an in-person event – and it’ll appear on Minecraft’s official webpage and, therefore, the Minecraft YouTube channel. Minecraft Live will happen on October 16, and we’ll see a bunch of the latest content and have the chance to try to to a “community vote” to settle on which new mob is released within the game.

Minecraft will deliver what they’re calling “the biggest event of the … decade” with Minecraft Live 2021. Below you’ll see the trailer for this event, complete with Quadramorphic Entervision delivery. They’ve also claimed they’ll bring the audio with a Pillager Raid-eo digital audio system!

OF NOTE: there’s a disclaimer about the video which says, “all claims referenced during this video are supported gut feeling and aesthetically pleasing letters.” This includes any suggestions or hints you see about the mob vote. Said vote would happen with the group’s “state-of-the-art B.E.A.C.O.N broadcasting system.”

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The vote for a replacement mob within 2020 set Iceologer, Moobloom, and Glow Squid up against one another. The ICEOLOGER was an ice spike/mountain mob that threw snowballs – that might are pretty great. Moobloom was a cow made with flowers. The glowing Squid looked cool and dropped glow ink – there was no competition to talk of when that fact was revealed. We don’t yet know what we’ll be voting on in October of 2021!

Minecraft Live will also appear on the official Minecraft web page because of the YouTube channel for Minecraft and Twitch. This event will happen on October 16, 2021, and it’ll start at NOON EDT. That’s 11 AM Central Time, 10 AM Mountain, 9 AM Pacific. We’ll even be covering all the news here on SlashGear, so if you’re more about reading than you’re about watching, we’re able to roll!

Minecraft Live is that the current sort of what once was Minecon. There could also be a return to said convention name within the future with actual in-person visits to a physical location, but maybe not. Cross your fingers for whichever format you wish the best!

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