How to Convert Apple Pages to Word Documents

How to Convert Apple Pages to Word Documents

Here we can see, “How to Convert Apple Pages to Word Documents”

The Microsoft Office suite of apps is undoubtedly quite known to most Windows users who are either a part of a work or educational environment.

Text editors, spreadsheets, tools for creating presentations, and more are among them.

On the other hand, there are also users of macOS. Although Microsoft Office packages are also available for macOS users, many still choose their own specialized software.

Apple Pages, for instance, is the macOS equivalent of Microsoft Word.

It goes without saying that someone may need to convert between one program’s format and the other at some point, given how popular the two programs are.

We have developed this detailed guide to demonstrate how to change an Apple Pages document into a Microsoft Word document.

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How do I convert Apple Pages to Word Documents?

    1. In Pages, launch a.pages file.
    2. Access File and choose Export
    3. Select Word
    4. Select Next
    5. Choose where to export the generated folder.
    6. Choose Export

Normally, the Export Your Document dialog box’s Word tab is already chosen. This is primarily because you may export your document in several various formats.

You can use the Advanced options if you want to save the document in a certain Word version.

You can then choose whether to export the document as:

    1. .docx file
      • Word 2007 and over
    2. A .doc file
      • Word 2003 and earlier

Additionally, you can select the Require password to open the check box if you want to password-protect the final file.

Using these procedures, you should be able to simply convert the a.pages file into an a.doc or.docx file.

But be aware that there can be discrepancies in the typefaces and special symbols used due to the various formats.

You will then be given the option to use your existing fonts instead of the missing ones. Apart from this tiny delay, the conversion procedure ought to go without a hitch.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can Word documents be opened in Apple Pages?

Since Microsoft Word does not support opening Apple .pages on Windows, you cannot do so. Therefore, if you attempt to view or modify a. pages file on a Windows computer, issues occur, and Windows prompts you to select an application to access the file.

2. How can I switch from Pages to Word without losing formatting?

Select “Word” from the submenu by clicking “File,” pointing to “Export To,” and clicking. The “Export Your Document” dialog box will then open. After selecting the “Word” tab, click on the tiny arrow next to “Advanced Options.” Choose the Word document format you like from the list of available alternatives.

3. How can I change Pages in Windows to Word?

Go to File > Export To > Word after opening the document you wish to convert in Pages. The Word tab should be selected at the top of the Export Your Document dialog box. Check the “Require password to open” box to add a password to the document. Enter a password once in the Verify box and once more in the Password box.

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