How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Your Projector

How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Your Projector

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Your Projector”

It can be a significant issue if your MacBook won’t connect to a projector, especially if you need to give a presentation. If you ran across this problem, you should be aware that there is a solution.

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What to do if MacBook won’t connect to a projector

1. Check the cables and adapters

Checking the cables should be your first priority. Verify that wires are in good condition and that everything is securely attached. Double-check that all necessary adapters are connected and functional if you’re using a DVI or VGA cable.

Alternatively, try shutting off your projector in the following way:

    1. Verify that your MacBook and are both connected.
    2. Disconnect your projector from your MacBook and turn it off.
    3. Reconnect the projector to your MacBook after a brief delay.
    4. Activate your projector to see if the issue is still present.

2. Restart your MacBook while connected to a projector

Although it’s only a temporary fix, many users swear by it. Simply adhere to these instructions to do it:

    1. Turn on the projector and connect the MacBook to it.
    2. Restart your MacBook right now.

When the MacBook restarts, the problem ought to be fixed.

3. Reset NVRAM and SMC

Resetting both NVRAM and SMC can be the only solution to this issue in some cases. Follow these steps to reset the NVRAM:

    1. Your Mac should be turned off and then back on right away.
    2. Option, Command, P, and R buttons should be pressed and held.
    3. Keep pressing the keys for roughly 20 seconds. It will appear as though your MacBook is restarting.
    4. Release the keys once you’ve heard the startup sound twice. Release the keys when the Apple logo shows and vanishes for a second time if your device has a T2 chip.

On models with the T2 chip, perform the following steps to reset SMC:

    1. Shut down your Mac.
    2. Now hold down the keys for right Shift, left Control, and left Option (Alt).
    3. Press and hold the keys for 7 seconds. Press and hold these three keys along with the Power button for 7 seconds.
    4. Press and hold all four keys simultaneously for 7 seconds before letting go.
    5. Press the Power button to turn on your MacBook after a brief delay.

The procedures below can be used to reset the SMC on models without a T2 chip:

    1. Put your MacBook to sleep.
    2. Maintaining left Shift, left Control, and left Option (Alt).
    3. Press and hold the Power button in addition to these three keys.
    4. Hold down all four keys for 10 seconds.
    5. Release the keys after ten seconds, then click the Power button to start your Mac.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why is my Mac unable to identify my projector?

You may need to reset your System Management Unit and Non-Volatile RAM to remove outdated or corrupt display settings if your laptop Mac adamantly refuses to identify the projector after connecting the two using the required cable and adapter.

2. How do I get my projector to be recognized by my MacBook?

On your screen, click the tiny apple symbol in the upper left corner. Select Displays from the System Preferences menu. Click Detect Displays in the bottom right corner of the screen while maintaining the Option key depressed.

3. How can I project my MacBook Pro’s screen onto a screen?

You can change the projector’s mode on more recent Macs by clicking and holding on to it in the display configuration. The most popular mode, mirror, replicates what is displayed on your laptop screen. You can select the Mirror Displays checkbox under the Arrangement tab on older Macs.

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