LinkedIn talks about the future of Stories and Video

LinkedIn talks about the future of Stories and Video

LinkedIn may be a professional social network, and therefore the company is consistently testing new features and posing for user feedback on them. For example, last year, LinkedIn launched Stories to permit members to share video updates concerning their personal and professional lives. LinkedIn is now leveraging what it’s learned since Stories launched to grow the format into a reimagined video experience available across the platform.

The goal is to leverage mixed-media and artistic tools from the Stories more consistently across the whole platform. The social network also wants to integrate Stories more tightly across the user’s professional identity. As a result, LinkedIn will remove the present Stories experience by the top of September because it functions on a replacement upgraded experienced rollout.

The social network talks about several what it learned with the first Stories format and can presumably integrate into the revised Stories offering. Specifically, users wanted the videos they create to stay on their profile instead of disappearing. LinkedIn didn’t expect users to require informal videos to be attached to their profile indefinitely. It initially integrated the disappearing posts to assist eliminate barriers people might feel about posting.

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LinkedIn also says that while Stories originally offered Stickers and other features like the question of the day prompts to form videos more engaging, users wanted more ways to enhance their video within the network’s professional context. As a result, users should expect additional ways to tweak and modify their videos when the new Stories experience rolls out.

LinkedIn is offering no precise date on when the updated Stories feature will be available for users. However, it had been firm in noting that the present Stories featuring would be eliminated by the month’s end.

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