Samsung Using Drones for Delivering Galaxy Devices in Ireland

Samsung Using Drones for Delivering Galaxy Devices in Ireland

Samsung has partnered with Manna Drone Delivery to deliver many of its Galaxy products via drones to customers in Ireland. The drone delivery service are going to be first available to customers in Oranmore, Ireland.

This is the primary time that Samsung or any major smartphone company delivering products to customers using drones.

Custom Developed Drones for Quick Delivery of Galaxy Products

Samsung are going to be using custom aerospace-grade drones from Manna to deliver products to its Irish customers. These drones will fly at an altitude of 50-80 meters and speeds of over 60kph.

In its announcement on Samsung Newsroom, the corporate claims this may allow it to deliver products to its Irish customers in Oranmore within three minutes. The drones are autonomous and can automatically drop products at the required address.

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Both Samsung and Manna also are curious about expanding this partnership to hide the entire Ireland.

Customers in Oranmore, Ireland will be ready to get the newest Galaxy products, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Watch 3, and more recent Galaxy A products, by ordering them from Samsung’s online e-store in Ireland.

Eamonn Grant, Head of Online for Samsung Ireland, commented on the partnership and said:

At Samsung, we are always trying to find ways to bring meaningful innovation to our customers, so we’re excited to be the primary technology company in Ireland to form our products available to our customers via drone delivery. To be ready to deliver our products to our customers within three minutes of leaving the dispatch centre may be a brilliant example of innovation in motion. Superior customer experience is at the guts of what we do, and with this new service, we are embracing what we believe will be the long term of retail.

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As The Irish Times reported in October 2020, Manna already features a partnership with Tesco to deliver small orders to Oranmore, Ireland. The products are delivered within a half-hour to an hour of ordering with customers provided real-time tracking details.

Drone Deliveries Are the Future

Samsung could be the primary smartphone company to deliver smartphones and other products to its customers. However, it’s not the direct company to use drones for product deliveries.

Amazon also trialled drone deliveries within us, with the corporate receiving the required FAA approval for its Prime Drone delivery fleet in August 2020, as reported by CNBC.

Thus, it’s only a matter of your time before more companies start using drones for product deliveries.

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