Life is Strange: True Colors Releases On Nintendo Switch In December

Life is Strange: True Colors Releases On Nintendo Switch In December

Following an initial delay, Life is Strange: True Colors will be released for Nintendo Switch in December 2021.

A new Life is Strange: True Colors Nintendo Switch release date has been announced for December. The game’s emotional story was released on time for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and digital PC and Stadia releases. However, Life is Strange: True Colors’ delayed Switch release was initially promised later in 2021, with no clear window or date established.

Life is Strange: True Colors, the franchise’s third mainline installment, received positive reviews and much appreciation from players after its initial September release. True Colors follows new protagonist Alex Chen as she adjusts to life in Haven Springs after her brother Gabe’s untimely death. As in previous Life is Strange games, Alex possesses a unique supernatural power that she can utilize to unravel the mysteries that surround her. In Alex’s instance, she’s a gifted empath who can read people’s emotions and relive their memories.

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Life is Strange: True Colors’ plot and the ending will be available to Nintendo Switch owners in a few months, as Square Enix has announced that the game’s digital edition will be released sometime in December 2021. The announcement was announced on the Life is Strange Twitter feed and a screenshot of Alex from the game’s Nintendo Switch edition. While the month in which Life is Strange: True Colors will be released on Switch has been disclosed, no specific day has been provided. However, the Life is Strange team advises customers to “keep their eyes peeled,” assuring that a definite release date will be announced when Switch pre-orders go live.

Along with True Colors, it was announced in a June Nintendo Direct that the original Life is Strange and its predecessor, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of the Life is Strange Remastered Collection. This will be the first time these games have been ported to Nintendo consoles, so for some, the Life is Strange Remastered Collection will be their first introduction to characters like Max Caufield and Chloe Price.

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Life is Strange: True Colors is a refreshing change of pace from many of the year’s other major titles. Despite significant performance concerns, its (now quasi-)episodic gameplay and captivating narrative have been acclaimed as being as engaging as ever. The Nintendo Switch screenshot confirms the expected graphic reduction for the less powerful platform, but it’s unclear how the delayed-release will perform on the hybrid machine. Fortunately, interested parties will only have to wait until December to find out.

Life is Strange: True Colors is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia, with a Nintendo, Switch release date of December 2021.

Source: Life is Strange/Twitter