Lenovo Thinkpad t430 Battery Not Charging


Usually, when the first factory version of the Lenovo Thinkpad Series Drains out, exchanging another one becomes necessary.

Sometimes thanks to BIOS restriction hardwired to the system putting A battery that wasn’t made by Lenovo Originally won’t be ready to charge.

Therefore, this post shows you the step-by-step process to bypass this restriction. Any laptop battery that will fit into the Lenovo Thinkpad Terminals from any manufacturer can efficiently be charged.

Fix Lenovo T430 Laptop Battery Charging Restriction by Patching BIOS

I tried a replacement battery on my LENOVO T430. On booting it up, I got this prompt at the BIOS loading stage: “the battery installed isn’t supported by this technique and can not charge t430”.

Who can relate to this?

Suppose you are encountering the same problem. This post will provide you with a step-by-step guide of how you’ll fix this on your Lenovo T430.

It was an equivalent procedure that might be described, within the coming lines, that I want to solve.

Well, below is how it all started. With also fix for this problem provided. Just read gently through. And follow the procedures to return. Good LUCK!.

So my Lenovo T430 Laptop battery got terrible, which suggests the Battery can not hold power for a short time.

Instead, it shutdowns jiffy after the facility adapter are faraway from the wall plug.

I might have had to hold my power adapter everywhere i’m going in the least times. I needed A battery swap.

So, a lover using a similar Battery on the same LENOVO T-SERIES laptop gave me his own.

But this point, it had been nine cells 55++ Battery. the sort that had extra-battery cells. and Type of giant.

My friend does not use the system thanks to an accident that crashed everything apart from the Battery that went unscathed.

I took the Battery confidently to undertake out on my Lenovo T430; there it is!. I got a message from the BIOS while booting up the PC that the Battery isn’t genuine, not compatible, and can not charge the Battery.

Unless I buy a compatible battery from LENOVO, to think that very same Battery with the incompatible message may be a Lenovo battery left me in awe!.

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I hit ESC to load the pc OS to ascertain whether it charges.

But, it didn’t as expected. OK! I gave up; then, instead, I got a more modern 9+ battery, the precise Battery that came by default in Lenovo T430.

To my surprise, after plugging the Battery and hitting for the facility button to show up the machine.

I got the same not original battery issue in the BIOS booting so that I won’t charge the new Battery! I used to be stunned again.

I tried many fixes, like, installing a new power driver’s adapter, updating the BIOS, shutting down the Lenovo T430 by long-pressing the facility button, and few others to no avail.

I decided to hit Google for similar threads and possible solutions to the present selective battery charging of Lenovo T430.

To my surprise, I found people also faced similar challenges owning to Lenovo hard wiring Lenovo T430 BIOS and other similar models BIOS.

This was made with the intent to only charge batteries that came from within LENOVO. This suggests if you bought the Battery from other vendors, you’ll be sure to face similar problems of not charging.

So what I did, was to stay with Google for possible solutions, after about several hours of checking few related articles!.

Thanks to God first, a reddit post from some geeky guys, a youtube video(Sebi’s Random Tech), and a Github page(Hamish Coleman) page.

I was ready to combine all of those to make one straightforward solution to patch the BIOS of Lenovo T430 to figure with the nine cells 55++ and the other variant of Lenovo battery which will fit into the facility pin of the laptops.

Here is that the procedures I applied given below:

How to fix Lenovo T430-Selective Charging Issues:

  1. First updated my Lenovo T430 to the BIOS version 2.76(G1HT35WW) by downloading g1uj43us.exe via this LINK.
  2. After downloading, make sure you have plugged the pc to the facility source before updating the newest BIOS.

Here are the primary two steps I did; the subsequent action is to urge LINUX to run on your machine.

Because you would like to use LINUX to make the BIOS patch remove the battery charging restriction of some battery out of the BIOS.

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To install LINUX and make the BIOS patch, I used the steps below:

  1.  Got two flash drives. (You can get an empty disk drive, memory card, or any storage that’s empty formatted in FAT32 extension)
  2. The first Flash is to make a LINUX OS that will run on the USB flash drive without installing it into your machine. So you don’t need to worry whether it’ll delete your already running OS like Windows.
  3. The second Flash is to accommodate the patch. that’s copy the created BIOS battery patch from LINUX to it.

Here are the procedures listed below to make the Lenovo T430 battery patch:

#1. Step one: Create Bootable Linux Mint Flash drive:

  • Well! you’ll use the other Linux distro for this, e.g., UBUNTU. In my case, I used LINUX MINT version 17 32bits. You’ll download Linux mint 17 32 bits from this link: LINUX MINT 17 32BITS. The file is around 1GB.
  • After download completion of Linux Mint iso file, note the situation.
  • Download the Unetbootin app for Windows. Install the Unetbootin app to your Windows computer. This may allow you to create a bootable LINUX mint flash drive.
  • Open Unetbootin
  • Under the Distribution tab, select: LINUX MINT
  • Under the Version tab, select: 17
  • Under disk image: Locate the Linux Mint 17 iso file downloaded previously and choose.
  • Select Type: either a USB drive or hard disc 
  • Select Drive of the chosen option
  • Click on OK to start creating the LINUX MINT bootable flash drive process (Usually can take up to 5-15minutes). Sit back and relax!.

After the method finishes, the next step is else into Linux Mint by shutting down the pc, while restarting, select boot options from Bios else from the flash drive.

This leads us to the second step:

#2. Creating the Battery charging Patch fix for Lenovo T430:

  •  After booting into Linux Mint, Select the primary option Default, await few seconds else up Linux Mint.
  • Connect your computer to the web via WiFi in Linux Mint. Connection button, usually at rock bottom right corner.
  • Open Terminal
  • type: sudo passwd root
  • this will prompt you to enter a replacement password, Type: an encourages you to reenter password, Type: an again
  • type: su
  • enter a password, which is: a
  • Now you’ve got root access.
  • copy and paste this line of code into Terminal:
apt-get install build-essential git mtools libssl-dev
  • then when done, copy and paste this into Terminal also:
git clone https://github.com/hamishcoleman/thinkpad-ec
  • then when done. copy-paste this to Terminal once more:
cd thinkpad-ec
  • Then copy and paste this again:
make patch_disable_keyboard clean
  • When done, copy and paste this code also into Terminal:
make patch_enable_battery clean
  • The next step is to repeat and paste this line of code or Type:
  • If you make a mistake, then change the Capital T in T430 to small t430.
make patched.T430.img
  • Now we’ve to repeat the created patched Bios file to a drive or Flash. This is often where the second non-volatile storage card comes in.
  • Still on the Terminal, Type:
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  • this list all the connected drive on your computer. Note the assigned drive letters of every one of the industries with their allocation size. NOTE!: Be careful not to format all of your disk drives by selecting them.
  • After noting the flash drive, you would like to repeat the patched Bios file to type copy and paste or type: Replace sda5 with the drive letter combination assigned to the external flash drive. In my case, it’s sda5. Using the code below will erase everything inside the industry and replace it with the patch Bios file.
sudo dd if=patched.T430.img of=/dev/sda5
  • When done! Voila! Shutdown your computer connect to Lenovo t430 the flash drive/hard disk/memory card containing the created Bios Battery patch.
  • Select boot choice to boot up from the Flash. Doing this will install the Battery Patch.
  • Successfully installing the patch by step above will eliminate the battery charging restriction of LENOVO t430.

Any Questions regarding this stuff! Hit me via the comment link below.

Thanks for checking by Stay save!. The step below shows how I fixed by Lenovo T430 unable to charge a specific Battery.

Now my Lenovo T430 can work and charge with all battery types provided the pin is compatible with all vendors making Lenovo batteries.