How to Fix Lags in Photoshop and Illustrator on Surface Book

How to Fix Lags in Photoshop and Illustrator on Surface Book

Here we can see, “How to Fix Lags in Photoshop and Illustrator on Surface Book”

  • An old software version may cause lags while using a Surface Book for Photoshop.
  • Check the Nvidia settings if Photoshop lags on your Surface Book 2.
  • Use the most recent version of Adobe Illustrator because an older version will cause the program to lag.
  • A nice tool for Illustrator is the Surface Book 2. You need to check the GPU settings if it runs slowly.

Microsoft’s Surface Book is a great option for artists, particularly graphic designers, just like the Surface Pro 4.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are, of course, two of the most well-liked programs that all serious artists and designers employ.

But users claim that these programs have several latencies that make using them difficult or impossible:

MS is pitching the Surface Book as the Ultimate laptop and for Creative people. I found that there is considerable lag in Illustrator and just a bit better in Photoshop while drawing and zooming in and out. The lag is so bad in Illustrator that its not even worth running.

Early in October of 2015, complaints began to surface, but Microsoft has yet to suggest a patch for Adobe’s software problems.

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Since a few Microsoft workers contacted customers on forums, the firm is apparently aware of the issue, however they didn’t offer any helpful information.

The corporation isn’t paying much attention to this issue if they don’t even announce the real fixing update.

Users were actually only urged to install the most recent updates, but you decide how helpful that is.

How do I fix lags in Photoshop or Illustrator on Surface Book?

1. Get the latest Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator CC version

Using Adobe Photoshop to edit and prepare photographs for your professional tasks ensures success.

The same is true for instances in which you are anxious to produce original visuals for several objectives, including brochures, book covers, and flyers.

Those of you who use the industry-standard vector graphics software application Adobe Illustrator are also accustomed to receiving the greatest results from it.

You’d best check to make sure that your outdated copy of Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator CC isn’t the cause of the lagging problem.

Simply go to the official Adobe homepage, get the most recent version of the program, and install it to rule out this possibility.

2. Try installing the NVidia Control Panels

    1. Download and install GeForce Experience.
    2. Right-click on your desktop after installation to access NVIDIA Control Panel.
    3. Activate Manage 3D Settings.
    4. Select Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop.exe) from the dropdown list on the Program Settings tab.
    5. Find the Power Management Mode settings by going to the Specify Settings list.
    6. Change it to Maximum Performance from Adaptive.
    7. Switch off your computer.

A user has also been able to come up with a workable solution. Installing the NVidia Control Panels and making the changes mentioned above to a few settings are necessary.

We were even given an explanation of the root of the slowing issues by this Insider from the Microsoft forums. Specifically, Adaptive Performance reduces power consumption but has issues with Adobe’s software.

Working in Adobe Photoshop simply speeds up specific processes, unlike 3D games or video editing, which fully utilize the GPU.

As a result, a delay occurs when you do a certain action (such as begin drawing), and the timing system allocates extra power to the GPU.

However, if the GPU is set to Prefer Maximum Performance, it will always have the power it needs. Because there won’t be any lag while using this, the lagging issue is resolved.

Even though there is no need for an update or other steps from the firms, this was a serious problem, and Microsoft or Adobe should, at the very least offer people some guidance on how to handle it.

Fortunately, consumers could figure out the answer on their own, but that won’t always be the case with issues, and the Surface Book experience may suffer as a result.

The lagging issue still exists today. The Surface Book generally isn’t using the maximum amount of processing power required to run Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can Adobe Illustrator be run on a Surface Laptop?

Illustrator CC is a program you should utilize if you have a creative streak. Similar to Photoshop, a Touch interface automatically opens when the keyboard is removed. Once more, I discovered Illustrator to be functional on the Surface Go.

2. Is Adobe compatible with Microsoft Surface?

Despite being a relative newcomer to the computer hardware industry, Microsoft has created systems that are equal parts computer and tablet, making them ideal for creative professionals. Adobe Creative Cloud users now have touch and stylus input support thanks to the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro.

3. Does Adobe Illustrator work well on the Surface Pro?

Anyone seeking for a device that can run Adobe Illustrator might choose the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The Surface Pro 7’s classic design, which has a stunning, slender body constructed of platinum with a matte black finish, won’t disappoint you.

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