What to Do if Isp Is Blocking Showbox?

What to Do if Isp Is Blocking Showbox?

Here we can see, “What to Do if Isp Is Blocking Showbox?”

  • Showbox is a famous video streaming service that allows you to view free movies and television episodes. However, copyright infringement has caused numerous problems.
  • Try the methods listed below if you’re not sure if your ISP is blocking Showbox. Learn how to use a VPN to bypass ISP restrictions and watch Showbox on any device.

Showbox is a prominent web-based video streaming service and one of the finest free movie apps. You may use it to view top-rated and new movies and TV shows on Windows, iOS, and Android.

It’s even possible to download video content to watch at a later time, which is especially useful given how regularly the service releases new movies. Unfortunately, many users say that Showbox is blocked by their ISP, preventing them from using the streaming app.

You might be tempted to abandon Showbox in favour of other similar programs like Popcorn Time, especially since Showbox isn’t always reliable. Instead, you can use a VPN to disguise your internet activities from your ISP and prevent Showbox from being blocked.

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How can I tell if my ISP has blocked Showbox?

1. Connect to another network and try to access Showbox

If your ISP has blocked Showbox, the best way to find out is to connect to the Internet through another device and route your network traffic through another ISP or mobile carrier.

For example, if you’re at home, you can try to access Showbox using your 3G/4G mobile data plan. Otherwise, you might try connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot to see whether the streaming app will work there.

2. Stay in touch on the Showbox subreddit

More than 15,000 people have joined the Showbox subreddit. There’s also a sticky thread that shows the current state of Showbox and is updated as soon as it changes.

If you think your ISP is actively banning Showbox, go to the subreddit to check its status and read what other Redditors have to say.

3. Try accessing Showbox at different times

Even though your ISP has temporarily disabled Showbox, this may not be the case. Some Internet service providers impose limits based on the number of users connected simultaneously.

The bulk of Internet users, for example, watch online streaming in the evenings or on weekends (outside of work hours). Try using Showbox at different times of the day and on different days of the week to test this notion.

What can I do if my ISP is blocking Showbox?

    • Register for a VPN subscription (we recommend PIA).
    • Install the VPN app on your device.
    • Make a VPN connection*.
    • Reopen Showbox and try again.

Connect to the nearest VPN provider-recommended server to obtain the fastest VPN connection speed. Try another VPN server outside of your country if Showbox doesn’t work.

If your ISP has blocked Showbox, the easiest method to watch it is with a premium VPN service. We strongly warn against using free VPNs because they rarely operate as advertised.

That’s why we don’t advocate checking if your ISP has blocked Showbox with a free VPN: they’re untrustworthy.

You may use PIA to stay anonymous on the web, safeguard your device from hackers, and watch Netflix US from anywhere in the globe and unblocking Showbox and disguising your browsing history from your ISP.

Finally, you can use one of the above solutions to see if your ISP is blocking Showbox. If it happens, you may fix the problem by utilizing a reliable VPN service like PIA to view movies and TV shows on this fantastic streaming software.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is Showbox still functional in 2022?

Showbox had millions of users, but it suddenly ceased working one day. There’s also no guarantee that Showbox will ever work again. Even though Showbox was the first movie streaming app, there are thousands of apps similar to Showbox in 2022.

2. Is there a new Showbox available?

Showbox is no longer available, but there are some excellent alternatives available. Cinema HD, Popcorn Time, Tubi TV, Kodi, Pluto TV, Crackle, Stremio, and PlayBox HD are just a few of them.

3. Is Showbox not available?

Because Showbox was recently taken down for good, I had to make this list. Showbox APK was one of the most popular movies and TV show streaming apps. It was also a big hit among FireStick owners. Since Showbox was no longer available, it was only natural to look for alternatives.

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