Ireland Launches Investigation Into Facebook’s Massive Data Leak

Ireland Launches Investigation Into Facebook's Massive Data Leak

The Irish Data Protection Commission is exploring if Facebook infringed on customers’ private data rights.

Even the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has been starting an investigation to some resurfaced data flow that exposed the personal data of more than half a million consumers. Throughout this analysis, the DPC will ascertain whether Facebook violated the EU’s private data rights.

The DPC Sets Its Sights on Facebook

In early April 2021, the private particulars of 533 million Facebook consumers have been posted on the internet, endangering users’ email addresses, places, phone numbers, and arrival dates. The dataset originated out of a 2019 escape. However, it was not made public before it had been submitted in a hacking discussion.

In a media release about the DPC site, the DPC declared it is investigating the information flow. The DPC considers that Facebook Might Have infringed on customers’ private data rights, saying:

The DPC, having considered the advice given by Facebook Ireland concerning this issue up to now, believes that a couple of provisions of this GDPR or the Data Protection Act 2018 might have been, or are being infringed regarding Facebook Users’ private information.

The DPC also intends to figure out if Facebook Ireland “has complied with its duties, as data control, in relation to the processing of personal information of its customers.”

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Only days ahead of the DPC declared its evaluation. Didier Reynders, the EU Commissioner for Justice, delivered a Tweet stating that he talked with all the DPC to go over the Facebook leak.

“The Commission continues to follow this situation closely and is dedicated to encouraging federal government,” Reynders wrote. “We call on Facebook to collaborate actively and quickly to shed light onto the identified topics.”

Even a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC that it is “cooperating fully” with the DPC, also notes the 2019 leak included “attributes which make it simpler for individuals to locate and connect with buddies on our solutions” Additionally, it said that “these attributes are common to a lot of programs and we anticipate describing them as well as the protections we’ve set in place.”

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Can You Still Trust Facebook?

This is only one of the biggest Facebook data flows thus far and is undoubtedly a cause of concern for Facebook users. Even though the information is out of 2019, it is still painful to get your private information exposed on the internet, particularly when it’s your contact number or title.

For reassurance, it is possible to check if your email address has been subjected by utilizing Are I Pwned. The application checks to determine whether your email was subjected to almost any information breaches, such as the latest Facebook data flow.