Some Facebook employees will continue working from home through January 2022

Some Facebook employees will continue working from home through January 2022

When the pandemic hit, Facebook sent most employees home to figure. Many of its employees are still performing from home, but Facebook is looking ahead to bringing them back to reason. Facebook has now confirmed that thanks to ongoing fears with the COVID-19 delta variant, its employees will still work from home through a minimum of January 2022.

Facebook said that it’s basing its return to figure on data, not dates. The social network says health data shows COVID delta variant infections are on the increase. As a result, it won’t require its US teams to travel back to the office until the start of 2022. the corporate noted that January would be the return to figure a date for a few countries outside the US.

Facebook says its return work plans still prioritize the security of its employees. Previously, the corporate had announced its employees would return to their offices in October. However, that return to figure plan did have caveats requiring masks and vaccinations. The social network isn’t alone in delaying the return to figure for its employees. Amazon is eyeing the start of 2022 for workers to return to the office, while Lyft plans to attend until February 2022.

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It remains unclear when many large employers within the US shall return their employees to the office. For several companies, plans are in flux as new data is published about new variants of COVID. On the other hand, essential employees have remained within the office during the whole pandemic at many businesses.

Despite some workers never leaving the office, many companies have realized they will conduct business without having physical locations. The pandemic has also proven to some companies that it is sensible to open available positions to anyone within the country regardless of where they live, making it easier to seek out workers in the future.

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