iOS 15.0.1 released with fix for iPhone unlock with Apple Watch

iOS 15.0.1 released with fix for iPhone unlock with Apple Watch

Apple has released iOS15.0.1, and the biggest news is a fix to the Unlock with Apple Watch bug that left mask-wearers inexpert to use their smartwatch to bypass Face ID. Apple added the mark anteriorly in 2021 to accommodate increased masking during the COVID-19 contagion, but some iPhone 13 upgraders discovered that the system no longer worked.

On former iPhone handsets, as long as you were wearing your Apple Watch, it was connected to your iPhone, and it was uncorked; you could use that to bypass the shoo-in screen on your iPhone too. The system is determine-in and proved to be a boon to those chancing. They were back to punching in a Leg constitution since Face ID couldn’t fete enough of their face when their mouth and nose were covered with a mask.

Apple released it in April, having promised it – and tested it in beta releases – ahead of that.

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With the coming of iOS 15 and the iPhone 13, notwithstanding, that system stopped working. Not for every druggie, but enough that Apple fleetly- tracked a fix. That went into beta anteriorly in the week and has now graduated to a full release for all freaks.

iOS15.0.1 is a bug fix release rather than one which adds new features. It’s available for iPhone 6s and after that, plus the iPod touch (7th 7th Generation). iPadOS15.0.1 – also released moment – is available for all models of iPad Pro, the iPad Air 2, and after that, iPad 5th generation and after that, along with iPad mini 4 and after that.

It’s not an insignificant update on your iPhone, mind about half a gigabyte or so. Apple, as usual, recommends biding until you have a WiFi connection to download it. However, it should ultimately install by itself, If you’ve got iOS or iPadOS set to Automatic Updates.

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Otherwise, you can prompt the update manually. Head into Settings, either General and ultimately choose Software Update. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the messenger to see the iOS 15.0.1 option.