Apple Watch Series 7 rumor tips shipping in mid-October

Apple Watch Series 7 rumor tips shipping in mid-October

Apple has been busy showing off new smartphones, tablets, and wearables. One of the bent that legion people were interested in is the Apple Watch Series 7. Unfortunately, when Apple blazed its new wearable, the only shipping estimate it gave was this fall.

A new rumor has surfaced, claiming the new Apple Watch will begin dispatching in mid-October, only a legion weeks out. The dish also claims that ordering could start as unseasonably as the coming week. However, the watch will be hairy to find without ordering, If history iterations itself with the launch of the Series 7.

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Apple’s lag wearable is offered in five different aluminum colors: green, blue, red, starlight, and penumbra. Pricing for the Apple Watch Series 7 get-goes at$ 399. In addition, Apple will offer both pristine brand and titanium performances. For anyone who might’ve missed the bulletin of the Series 7 wearable, the big hallmark is a larger screen that takes up else of the watch face.

That screen has borders that are 40 percent thinner than the Series 6. Its case has also been enriched, and the screen is up to 70 percent brighter than the Series 6. When the Series 7 launches, it’ll have WatchOS 8 right out of the box. That new performance of the operating system allows the software to take advantage of the larger screen.

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While the screen is larger and the case has been alleviated, Apple promises that the Series 7 will work with all presently available Apple Watch bands. One implicit debit of any wearable is battery life, and Apple has promised its new device has 18 hours of use per charge. It also charges thanks fleetly to a new USB-C charging cord promising 30 percent fast charging. An eight-jiffy charge promises enough power for eight hours of sleep hounding.