Instagram launches Security Checkup to help users keep their accounts safe

Instagram launches Security Checkup to help users keep their accounts safe

Today, Instagram launched Security Checkup. This feature will help users keep their accounts safe. Instagram has announced that Security Checkup will help people whose accounts have been compromised to take the necessary steps to protect them.

This includes reviewing login activity, reviewing profile data, confirming accounts that share login information, and updating account recovery contact information like phone number and email.

Security Checkup allows users to check if their login information, email address, mobile number, profile, and profile are correct.

Instagram also wants to ensure that accounts are secure. Here are some steps everyone can follow:

  • Enable two-factor authentication: Instagram suggests that users use a 2FA application. In addition, WhatsApp users from certain countries will soon be able to use a WhatsApp number to protect their accounts.
  • Update phone number and email: It is important to update your email and phone number. According to Instagram, this data allows users to recover their accounts even if hackers have compromised them.
  • Be aware of your DMs: Instagram clearly states that it does not send DMs to users. However, “In the last few months, we have seen an increase in malicious accounts DMing people trying to access account passwords and sensitive information. (…) To warn people about these messages, we have placed notices at the top Of People’s Inboxes. In addition, we will reach out to you via the “Emails From Instagram” tab within your settings if Instagram wants to contact you about your account.
  • Report content and accounts you find questionable: Instagram users can easily report content by visiting an account and then reporting directly from their profile.
  • Enable Login Request: Instagram claims that you can enable two-factor authentication by setting up an account on the app. This will allow you to be notified whenever someone attempts to log into your account using a device or browser you don’t recognize.
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Instagram’s team also stated that they had made significant updates to the Support Inbox. This allows users to find the most recent information on what’s going on with reports and find out if their posts violate Instagram’s policies.