Email Database

Email Database

How to Find Emails for Your Business Email Database?

Your email list is one of the essential assets you’ve got in your email database

In fact, consistent with a search report, over 59% of B2B marketers say email is their best channel for generating leads and revenue. 

No wonder most are vying to extend their email database. 

However, regardless of how big of an asset email is, it still annoys the heck out of individuals. Moreover, they often resort to incessant techniques and pester their results without accumulating their custom email address. Sometimes, these techniques affect the companies’ reputation, so they begin losing out on the prospects. 

Tips To Getting Data For Your Email Database

1. Present an exit pop-up to capture email database

Please note that we just talked about the downsides of popups, but NOT exit popups. the matter lies only with the windows that popup immediately because the visitors enter your website. 

So the best thanks to finding emails for your business email database is by posing for them at the top of your content

The most pivotal point is when your visitor is completed reading your content – it’s at now they’re going to decide whether to subscribe or not. Therefore, the probabilities of them entering their email and subscribing are way higher now. The excellent news is that the majority of email marketing services offer built-in exit-intent popups.

Sometimes, people who didn’t even consider subscribing or giving your email might change their minds and provide you with an opportunity. 

You can use various plugins to introduce an exit popup and make your task easy because it saves you from tampering with the code. 

Have a look at this exit pop-up

What I liked about this exit popup is that it isn’t your regular straight-laced popup. Here the author is building a narration that compels the audience to enter their email. Plus, this witty and private call-to-action is sort of a cherry on the highest. 

2. Present “Subscription Box” at the end of your content

This method is somewhat almost like the exit popup. However, the sole difference is that it won’t pop up anywhere. Instead, it would be present at the top of the content in one place. 

Sometimes, popups (despite shooting up at the end) find yourself annoying tons of individuals. And an annoyed visitor would hardly be inclined to supply you their email address. Thus, here’s the answer – add a subscription box right underneath your content. 

Now you can either make it very simple like this one:

Or make it more engaging and compelling by adding an attention-grabbing headline. Plus, add the content that tells the audience why exactly they ought to enter their email address — like this one here:

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Plus, adding a winning and conversational call-to-action is additionally likely to assist.

Although both the subscription boxes serve an equivalent purpose, the latter is sure to grab more attention than the previous. 

3. Find business emails via LinkedIn

What if you’ve got tried everything and still not getting as many emails as you’d like? Therein case, you’ve got to let your inner exploratory powers out and unearth email addresses yourself. 

One of the most straightforward channels to seek out emails is, no doubt, LinkedIn. 

First and foremost, you’ve got to start with differing types of searches on LinkedIn. 

Some common searches are: 

  • Company name + Founder
  • The Company name + Co-Founder
  • Company name + CMO
  • The Company name + Sales Manager
  • Company name + Marketing Manager

However, if this method isn’t feasible for you, you’ll collate this strategy with automated email generating tools. At least, not you recognize tons about your prospect thanks to LinkedIn search. 

4. Use automated tools to build your email database

It’s almost 2019 now, and other people are using all kinds of new techniques to accumulate emails – especially computerized tools that take a few seconds to seek out many emails directly.

Alina from Cleverfiles added that with Aeroleads, their team was ready to find relevant prospects with email addresses and phone numbers of companies and decision-makers for his or her Mac Data Recovery.

The rage of automated tools in marketing are often discerned from this statistic:

37% of B2B marketers are using marketing automation to get leads.

Moreover, this proves the success of automated tools because why would numerous marketers use them otherwise?

The thing is – people not want just contacts; they need leads.

The difference between a contact and a lead is that contact are often just about anybody with an email ID, while a lead may be a contact who’s likely to go to your website or blog if you contact them. Now we’re talking, eh?

Furthermore, it’s unnecessary that a mere contact would be interested in what you’re offering, but the probabilities of a lead being curious about your brand are very high.

Fortunately for you, the web has some quick and straightforward solutions.

The Internet is inundated with gazillions of lead generation tools that will assist you in acquiring emails for your business email database during a jiffy.

However, it’s natural to urge confused and not fall prey to the tools that aren’t as effective as they ought to be.

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Thus, we recently curated an inventory of 20 exemplary automated Lead Generation Tools that you can trust easily.

Some Automated Tools To Consider:

We know automated tools have an absolute edge over manual methods. Juxtaposed to manual processes, these automated tools have lesser chances of failing and are extremely fast in their approach. 

Here are some options to form the entire process of finding email addresses automated.


When it involves searching verified and quality emails, nothing can beat AeroLeads. With AeroLeads email finder, you’ll find business emails and phone numbers from professional platforms like LinkedIn and Xing.

By simply uploading the name or company of your prospects, you’ll receive as many as 15 data points, including full name, job title, location, personal or business emails, business contact numbers, etc. AeroLeads software comes with a free Chrome plugin. It integrates with third-party applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, Pipedrive, etc.

Additionally, you’ll also verify your email lists via AeroLeads email verifier. you’ll start your free trial with ten credits to ascertain how you’ll find Prospects.

You can use as many free accounts, but they need limitations on usage, results. They don’t offer features like exporting data to other services like MailChimp, Salesforce, and HubSpot, which is feasible in paid versions.

The paid plans start from $49 per month with 700 Credits to $499 per month with 10,000 Credits. If you’re an enterprise, you’ll email them your requirements and obtain your quote.

2. FindThatLead 

FindThatLead helps users find business emails on various channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and web domains. This automated tool also helps in contacting prospects and building a vast network. 

First and foremost, you merely need to install their chrome extension then browse on social media channels or other web domains. Then, open the attachment and click on on ‘find email’.

FindThatLead offers some basic features like:

  • You can verify whether you acquired the proper emails or not. 
  • The emails are often exported to a CSV file also. 
  • The free extension gives you ten weekly searches free of charge.

3. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer helps find the email addresses and assists in navigating through the entire lead and acquiring as verifying the received information. Plus, this automated tool helps in segmenting the email list supported the commonalities and behavioural pattern. 

Things to avoid while building your email list

1. Buying the email list

That seems to be the only solution. God bless 21st-century capitalism! Well… not really.

Buy database lists, and you’re probably paying your way into a graveyard of stale data.

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Not many things can harm your business the maximum amount buying your email list. So, don’t even consider navigating through the question – “How do I buy an inventory of emails?”

First of all, it’s illegal to sell email lists. So, it’s natural that purchasing something illegal is additionally unlawful. 

Let’s say you’re willing to travel ahead with this and need to form your task accessible by purchasing an email list but don’t ditch the repercussions. For one, it’s getting to hurt your deliverability because the bought leads aren’t qualified. Thus the receiver of your emails is probably going to mark you as SPAM. 

Once the email service provider gets a whiff of what’s happening and the way you’ve repeatedly been spammed, they won’t hesitate to block your IP address. 

Furthermore, most companies offering an email list service are likely scammers because no mortal keeps a couple of excruciatingly built email databases in their pockets, just just in case.

What’s worse, many of them often end up being the email IDs that have long been inactive or are just plain wrong.

2. Hacking: Address Books, Reverse Email Lookups

It’s not news that you can hack your way into knowing a person’s identity. Address book services like Full Contact often help fishing out a user’s email ID from third-party websites and applications. There’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed, but it’s worth urging specific contacts you think about to be valuable.

Reverse email lookup services involve tracing somebody’s locations from their email ID. This will be done by looking them abreast of social media, employing a people program to pin them down, tracing their IP addresses from emails they sent. In other words, stalking (hey, stop watching us like that, all we’re saying is that it’s technically possible).

So, a bit like purchasing an email list, hacking and availing reverse email lookup services aren’t only borderline unethical but also can cause some negative repercussions that you’re happier without facing. 

Summing it all up

These are several straightforward ways to create your business database with essential contacts. Ultimately, it always comes right down to the techniques and methods you’re using. Additionally to those techniques, you’ll also use Webinars, giveaways and more to urge your prospects’ email addresses without getting to lengths to seek out them. 

Don’t forget that the most point isn’t about the list – it’s just a catalyst to the ultimate sales. Therefore, more important than your email database length is the relationship you have with the prospects. to create your business email database with the leading sales funnel in mind.