Burning ISO images with ImgBurn

Burning ISO images with ImgBurn

Here we can see “Burning ISO images with ImgBurn”

This tutorial will show you how to burn an ISO image to a CD or DVD using ImgBurn, a free (and good) program. This guide can be used to burn almost any CD, including our Windows recovery discs (or download Easy Recovery Essentials directly from here).

How to Get Started

You’ll need a blank CD and five minutes before you can begin.

Download and install the software

To download and launch ImgBurn, click this link: ImgBurn.exe.

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An ISO image is burned

  • Now is the time to begin burning your ISO file. When you initially start ImgBurn, you’ll get a lovely splash screen as the program loads.
  • You’ll see a wonderful option menu where you can choose which ImgBurn operation you want to perform. Select “Write image file to disc” from the top left menu.
  • The main selection menu appears from here.
  • This is ImgBurn’s primary window, and despite all of the text and controls, it’s fairly simple to use. By clicking on the browse folder button, you can select the file you want to burn. This will open the file browser, from which you may navigate to the ISO file you want to burn.
  • The window will now update to show your selection after picking the file.
  • Here you will decide the burn speed and whether or not you want the disc to be confirmed, which you should do. Verification will double-check that what’s written on the disc matches the ISO file you have, preventing problems caused by faulty CDs, burn process difficulties, and more. If the verification fails, try burning it at a slower speed.
  • Click the large button/image in the bottom-left corner to begin burning the image on the CD (the illustration of a file being transferred to a CD).
  • After it has burned, you will be presented with a confirmation dialogue similar to the one below. You can now close the application and go on with your work.


Read on for possible resolution alternatives if the ImgBurn software gives you any issues or the final CD is not properly burned/bootable/usable.

If you get any error warnings while burning a CD, attempt the steps below in the sequence listed:

  • Re-try the burn at the lowest setting possible (1x or 2x). Burning CDs can be demanding and delicate; burning at the fastest speed usually fixes most problems.
  • If you’re trying to write the ISO image on a CD-RW (erasable, rewritable CD), try using a single-use CD-R instead.
  • Burn to a CD-R instead of a DVD-R if you’re burning to a DVD-R. If your PC allows you to write to DVDs, try burning to a DVDR disc instead of a CD-R disc. 1
  • Try a different brand of CD-R media; some of the less expensive kinds aren’t fully compatible with all CD-writing software.
  • Try burning the CD using a different application to see if you get a different error message. Instead, see our instructions for burning CDs using ActiveISO.
  • If you have access to another PC, try burning from there.
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It’s time to wrap things up

Congratulations, you’ve completed the task. That wasn’t that difficult after all, was it?

If you’ve followed the above steps but still can’t get your computer to boot from the CD, see our tips on appropriately setting up your computer to boot from a CD/DVD and troubleshooting CD booting issues.


I hope you found this information helpful. Please fill out the form below if you have any queries or comments.

User Questions:

1. Is it possible to create an ISO with ImgBurn?

ImgBurn makes creating an ISO a breeze. Its functions are excellent, and it can burn practically any sort of file to disc. If you want to convert your Windows CD/DVD into an ISO image, ImgBurn is a good option because it’s free and effective.

2. How can I use ImgBurn Windows 10 to create a bootable DVD?

Start the ImgBurn program. Select a Write image file to disc from the drop-down menu. Next, under the Source area (as shown), click the browse button to locate and choose the Windows 10 ISO image. To begin making the bootable Windows 10 DVD, click the Write button.

3. What is the best way to create a bootable DVD?

Open Burnaware and select Burn ISO to generate a bootable DVD. Select Browse and navigate to the Windows ISO file you want to use. Insert a DVD and press the Burn button. You may also use the native ISO burner in Windows.

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