how to send and receive faxes online without a fax machine or phone line

how to send and receive faxes online without a fax machine or phone line

Here we can see, “how to send and receive faxes online without a fax machine or phone line”

You’d be forgiven for thinking fax communication was a thing of the past. However, many businesses and government agencies still like better to use it over email, thanks to safety concerns. Lately, you do not even need a fax machine or a phone line to send a fax – your computer can roll in the hay all with the assistance of some simple software.

How fax machines work

Traditionally, faxes are sent and received using two fax machines at either end of a lively phone line. When a document is shipped, the fax machine places a call to the receiver’s fax machine. At the opposite end, this call is answered, and therefore the document is transferred to the second fax machine via the phone line. 

Preparing a document for faxing are often a hassle, with the sender having first to scan the document then send it across. The receiver must rescan the document to show it into a digital file before utilisation. 

How to send a fax online

It is possible to attach a fax machine to the web and send faxes via this medium, but setup are often expensive. In addition, you’ll need access to multiple resources, for instance, a gateway that will enable the secure transmission of documents via the web. 

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Instead, various online fax services can help shoulder a number of this cost. Services like CocoFax offer the choice to Fax from a computer for free of charge or reciprocally for a bit of charge, counting on your frequency of use.

How to send and receive fax on your PC with CocoFax

Send fax on your computer

CocoFax allows you to send and receive Fax on your PC with no hassle. The software does all the diligence for you, and you don’t need a fax machine or scanner – just a computer and an online connection.

  • Sign up for a web fax service
  • Log into your account and click on Send Fax
  • Enter the fax number of the recipient within the To field within the format of country code+fax number
  • Attach the document that must be faxed
  • Click Send, and your Fax are going to be faxed to the recipient’s fax machine.

You can also send a canopy sheet, schedule communications, and cash in of other valuable features provided by CocoFax.

Receive fax on your computer

Should you subscribe to a web fax service, you’ll also receive your Fax on your computer without having a fax machine or a telephone line.

  • Log into your online fax service account.
  • Check your inbox: all the received faxes sent to your fax number will appear here

Send Fax by email

It’s also possible to send fax messages directly to your email client.

  • Register yourself with a web fax service
  • Open your email service provider and compose a mail
  • Attach the document you would like to fax
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number and fax service name within the To field 
  • Click Send 
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Receive Fax by email

To receive Fax through your email client, you’ll need your fax number. This may typically be assigned to you by the web fax service provider. 

  • Sign up to a web fax service, then choose and subscribe to a pricing plan
  • Receive your fax number
  • Share this number with your contact, who are going to be sending you a document via Fax.

Why send and receive fax via a computer?

Sending and receiving Fax using a web service and your PC is far simpler and more convenient than fiddling around with fax machines and phone lines. There are other advantages, too:

  • Saves time and money – you don’t get to paper or invest during a fax machine.
  • Organises documents – most online fax services provide you with cloud space for securely storing your documents.
  • Sending and receiving faxes from mobile devices – when you are not ahead of your computer, your phone or tablet will do the trick.
  • Signing documents online – most fax services allow you to sign documents, thus streamlining your workflow digitally.
  • Advanced encryption protocols.

User Questions:

1.Does eFax require a phone line?

Do you need a telephone line to fax from a printer? … However, if you’re unable to attach a telephone line to your printer, you’ll use a web fax service like eFax to send and receive faxes from a wireless printer without employing a telephone line.

2.Can you fax through WiFi?

Can You Fax Through WiFi? Yes! With a web fax service, you’ll send faxes through WiFi. You will be ready to fax through a web portal or email with nothing quite a WiFi connection.

3.Can I fax from my HP printer without a phone line?

Your HP printer without a telephone line works just fine when it’s attached to the wireless network. However, if the printer doesn’t have a fax tray, you want to scan each document page before sending the Fax.

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