How to: Fix Windows 10 Blue Tint Screen

How to: Fix Windows 10 Blue Tint Screen

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Windows 10 Blue Tint Screen”

Some customers have inquired, “How do I fix my computer screen’s blue tint?” In this instance, updating the GPU drivers is one option.

You may accomplish it with a professional tool that provides access to a database of over 18 million new files.

Another option is to change some Display Settings, which can be found in this guide.

If your monitor has a blue tinge, it could result from your hardware, and you’ll need to find another display device.

The list of Windows 10 faults is enormous, yet most users never have to deal with anything serious. However, there are a few unique speciality issues.

Like the odd colour-related issue we’re dealing with today. Some users have reported that their monitor has a weird blue tinge, with the blue hue being more dominant than usual.

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How can I get rid of the bluish tinge on Windows 10?

1. Examine the hardware

Let’s ensure that your hardware doesn’t cause this mistake. First, verify that all cables are correctly attached. Then, examine the monitor’s settings on the monitor itself as well.

Check the colour options in the Menu. If possible, restore the monitor’s default settings. Furthermore, we require you to connect your monitor to a different PC if possible.

If you’re able to, connect your PC to an alternative monitor, as well. This should rule out the monitor or the computer as possible culprits.

We won’t be able to help you if your monitor is broken. If the PC causes the problem, we recommend moving on to the next item on the list and troubleshooting the corresponding program.

2. Install the latest GPU drivers

Updating your drivers is a terrific approach to fix your display screen issue, and the best way to accomplish it is with expert software.

As soon as you run this tool, it will scan your device for any out-of-date drivers and give you a detailed report on which files need to be replaced.

You have access to a database of over 18 million files from which you may download new patches and schedule updates to keep your PC working like new.

3. Turn on Night Light and fine-tune it

  1. Open Display settings by right-clicking on the Desktop.
  2. Turn on the Night Light and then go to the Night Light settings.
  3. Reduce the blue light until it fits your preferences with the slider.

Night Light, a recently introduced feature, may have a role in all of this. This handy feature allows you to lower the amount of blue light on the screen, making it easier on the eyes.

It may also be a feasible workaround for the current issue. If you enable this option, the blue tint will be reduced automatically.

The screen, however, may appear a little too reddish for some people’s tastes so that you can adjust it to your desire.

You can also set the Night Light to turn on at a specific time in the evening. That’s when you’ll need it the most because the display’s blue light isn’t exactly pleasant to look at in low light.

4. Use the GPU’s Control Panel to tweak the colours

The GPU settings menu may provide an alternative explanation for this phenomenon. The corresponding GPU software can tweak the colour parameters (ATI Catalyst or Intel/Nvidia Control Panel).

And, if something is modified inadvertently, the default colour base may shift to a bluish hue.

So, check the colours in the GPU desktop settings app. If the error persists, consider updating your operating system.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. How can you fix a computer screen with a blue tint?

Open Display settings by right-clicking on the Desktop. Turn on the Night Light and then go to the Night Light settings. Reduce the amount of blue light till it fits your preferences with the slider.

2. Why are my windows tinted blue?

Low-E is generally imperceptible to the human eye. However, if one section of the glass is in the shade and another is exposed to intense light, the exposed part of the glass may appear bluish in hue and slightly blurry. The impact is typical and only lasts for a short time. How do heat escape through windows and doors?

3. Is there a blue light filter in Windows 10?

On Windows 10, there is a software function called the blue light filter that can help solve the problem. In 2016, Microsoft released the Windows 10 blue light filter. The feature reduces the quantity of blue light emitted by your screen by adjusting the color temperature.

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