How to Delete Photos Synced from itunes Library on iPhone

How to Delete Photos Synced from itunes Library on iPhone

Here we can see “How to Delete Photos Synced from iTunes Library on iPhone

The reality that photos created by the iPhone Camera app are often easily removed on iPhone, but it’s difficult for synced photos to be deleted on iPhone as there’s no “Delete” option. So, if you’ve got synced various photos pictures to iPhone via iTunes or third-party software, the way to remove synced photos from iPhone with iTunes?

1. How to Remove Synced Photos from iPhone with iTunes?

Besides importing photos from computer to iPhone, iTunes‘ hidden feature can help remove previously synced photos on iPhone with a couple of steps.

Method 1. Uncheck Sync Photos

If you only have synced photos to iPhone from iTunes Library, once you uncheck the “Sync Photos” button, the previously synced photos will be removed.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and USB connect your iPhone to the computer. “Trust” your computer on iPhone to continue if necessary.

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Step 2. Click on the phone-shaped icon, then choose the Photos option from the sink menu under your iPhone.

Step 3. Uncheck the “Sync Photos,” and you’ll get a message “iTunes will not sync photos to the iPhone. does one want to stay or remove photos previously synced to your iPhone?”. Just click on Remove Photos, and it’ll delete synced photos from iPhone immediately.

Method 2. Make A Fake or Empty Folder to Remove Synced Photos from iPhone

When you choose to sync photos to iPhone via a third-party iPhone photo transfer tool, the photos also will be saved in an album named from My Computer on iPhone like iTunes. By uncheck the Sync Photos option on iTunes, the synced photos would probably not be removed. Thus, you would like to make a fake or empty folder to exchange the My Computer folder on iPhone to understand photo deletion.

Step 1. Create a fake folder with no photos in it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, and navigate to Sync Photos by clicking on the phone-shaped icon then Photos from the sink menu.

Step 3. Check Sync Photos if it’s not enabled. Then, click on “Choose folder” from the sink menu of “Copy photos from” to settle on the fake folder you only created on a computer.

Step 4. Click on “Apply” within the bottom right corner of iTunes. Then, iTunes will start syncing. Once finished, the “from My Computer” folder containing previously synced photos will be replaced by the empty folder and thus deleting photos imported to iPhone.

On Mac Computer:

The methods mentioned above also can be applied to Mac to get rid of synced photos from iPhone. For example, in iTunes, locate and click on on your device > click Photos > choose “Selected album” and deselect the albums or collections you would like to delete > to delete all synced photos, deselect “Sync Photos from” and click on on “Remove Photos” if there’s a popup message. Then, click Apply, and therefore the photos in the “from My Mac” folder on iPhone will disappear.

The cons of using iTunes to remove synced photos from iPhone:

  • The process is time-consuming and can remove all the synced photos. If you would like to stay some precious photos on your iPhone, this manner isn’t that ideal.
  • iTunes always does the roles within the background that nobody knows how it works. it’s so mysterious that we will not skills the method proceeds and can’t find the causes if anything goes wrong.
  • iTunes can remove photos imported to the iPhone from an equivalent computer, while for pictures synced from different computers,iTunes isn’t that competent.
  • Deleting synced photos from iPhone through iTunes probably won’t work for a larger amount of photos, as iTunes error will happen and says sync took too long when iTunes performs the sync.
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User Questions:

  1. How am I able to remove photos “synced from iTunes library” from an iPhone?

Most Apple iPhone users face this problem nowadays. That’s vital for iPhone users. Their memory space is down day by day.

  1. How do I delete synced photos from my IPad 2? My computer is not any longer holding a charge, and that I would like to delete photos I synced without my computer

I hope that it’s not true that I cannot delete photos that synced to my iPad. However, I cannot use my computer because it’s not charging. So how do I remove synced photos from my iPad without the utilization of my iTunes?

  1. The way to delete synced photos from iPhone without connecting to mac? [duplicate]

I have synced a folder that contains some pictures on my iPhone. The synced photos are successfully copied to my iPhone. But I can’t see any “delete” option in my iPhone to get rid of the synced photos.

The “Camera Roll,” which has the photographs that I took via the iPhone’s camera, has an option “delete” within the bottom of the image. But synced photos don’t have that delete button.

Should I exploit iTunes/Mac to delete synced photos? Can’t I delete the synced photos with one touch?

  1. How do I delete photos from my phone if they had been imported from a(n) mac computer to my iPhone 5c?

So, my sister imported 334 photos to my iPhone from her mac computer, I do not skills she did it, but now it won’t delete from my phone because it’s taking over such a lot of space. It’s during a different folder within the photos app called “334 from My Mac.” How do I delete these photos? Do I want her computer to delete them? Or could I exploit a special mac computer to delete these photos? Please help ASAP! Do not know if I’m within the right community either; ugh, someone helps me!

  1. The way to delete photos in an album with no choice to delete

I have a photograph album on my iPhone that was added by my computer a short time back to sync from my disk drive to the iPhone. I then started using iCloud to copy rather than my computer or disk drive. So now I even have no choice to delete the album or the photographs in it either from the pc, iTunes, or the iPhone. Any ideas on the way to get obviate that album? It’s taking over an excessive amount of room, and that I need the space for brand spanking new pictures.

  1. I can not delete pictures from my photo album? Why?

So, here is my problem I m unable to delete pictures that I only recently sync from iTunes.. they do not have the delete option; I’m wondering why?

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