Windows 10 Creators Update Not Enough Disk Space

Windows 10 Creators Update Not Enough Disk Space

Here we can see, “Windows 10 Creators Update Not Enough Disk Space”

  • Is your intention of installing the Windows 10 Creators Update thwarted by a lack of disk space?
  • Don’t let a minor flaw get in the way of your upgrade; try one of the quick fixes listed below.

To enjoy all of the Creators Update’s benefits, you must first download and install it. Even though it appears to be a simple activity, it proved to be a near-impossible chore for thousands of customers.

Specifically, many customers were unable to download the Creators Update due to a specific problem or, to be more precise, a bug that commonly affects Windows Update.

They were apparently unable to download the update due to a shortage of available storage space. That would be a valid argument; however, it appears to only happen to those with a lot of empty space on their system partition.

As we previously stated, the Creators Update requires at least 16 GB of storage space to download and install.

So, if you satisfy the prerequisites but still have this problem, we’ve put up a list of suggestions to assist you in addressing it. Make sure to have a look at them.

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What to do if you don’t have enough disk space to install Creators Update?

1. Reset BITS

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is the main Windows Update component.

Its primary responsibility is to manage data flow from Windows Servers to your PC and regulate and complete the update download and installation.

However, it may fail on rare occasions, resulting in this and other mistakes.

You can manually reset BITS using the Command Prompt, a batch file, or the Windows Update Troubleshooter, which is a Windows 10-only application.

This link will take you to a page to download the tool. Simply launch it after you’ve downloaded it and follow the on-screen directions. After it’s finished, restart your computer and attempt updating again.

2. Clean Temporary Files

Furthermore, some temporary system files may produce a hiccup or confusion, if you prefer, resulting in the corruption of installation files.

Specifically, the installation may be deceived about the realistic storage space available, resulting in the problem described above.

You can use a third-party utility or the built-in Windows component called Disk Cleanup to clean up your storage.

Here’s how to use the Disk Cleanup tool quickly:

    1. Type Disk Cleanup into the Search Windows bar.
    2. Select the system partition (which is usually C:) under Disk Cleanup.
    3. Select the system partition again and select the clean-up system files option.
    4. The boxes next to Temporary files and Temporary Windows Installation files should be checked.
    5. Click the OK button.
    6. Restart your computer once the process is completed. Give Creators Update a second chance.

3. Delete Creators Update installation files

Even though the Disk Cleanup will remove the most updated files from the Software Distribution folder, it’s not fair to assume that this will solve your problem.

Some faulty or partial update files may end up in the folder mentioned above, causing issues.

And it’s there that we’ll have to make a more overt, manual effort to get them out of our system. To remove the installation files from the system partition, follow these steps:

    1. Search for cmd, right-click it, and choose Open Command Prompt (Admin).
    2. Type the following commands in the command line, pressing Enter after each one:
      • net stop wuauserv
      • net stop bits
    3. Navigate to now 
      • C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution       and remove anything from the inside
    4. Return to the Command Prompt and type the following two commands, pressing Enter after each one:
      • net start wuauserv
      • net start bits
    5. Close the Command Prompt and try again to update the Creators Update.

4. Upgrade your system with Media Creation Tool

Finally, if the conventional over-the-air procedure isn’t working, you might try a different strategy.

And even though it is time-consuming, this has shown to be the greatest answer for all update-related concerns. Especially the storage bug we’re dealing with right now.

You’ll need a Media Creation Tool, consistent bandwidth, and a little patience to upgrade to the most recent patch, in this case, the long-awaited Creators Update.

Here’s where you can get Media Creation Tool. After you’ve downloaded it, simply follow the instructions to get started.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What is the Creator’s Update for Windows 10, and do I need it?

The Fall Creators Update is a free update that brings a slew of new and improved features to Windows 10. Support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets is included, including improved privacy protections, increased accessibility settings, and a new UI.

2. What is the best way to tell if I have the Fall Creators Update?

To verify the version, click Start and type winver to search for the software. It should be opened. Windows Key + R can also be used to open it from the Run window. After that, type winver and press Enter.

3. Is there a phony Windows 10 update out there?

Magniber ransomware is being transmitted via a fake Windows 10 update. Fake Windows 10 updates are being distributed to spread the Magniber ransomware and steal data from users, particularly students and other non-professionals.

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