how to clean a razer viper mouse

how to clean a razer viper mouse

Here we can see “how to clean a razer viper mouse”

The Razer Viper is superb for fans of ultra-light gaming mice. Despite not having a honeycomb design, it’s surprisingly light. As a result, it’s an amazingly low click latency and lift-off distance. In addition, it feels very well-built and is suitable for many hand sizes employing a fingertip grip. However, its cable is not flexible and should create some drag.

How to Clean a razer viper mouse

1. Remove the mouse from your computer. If the mouse runs on battery power, remove the batteries before continuing.

2. Flip your mouse over so that rock bottom faces upward. Locate the tiny central screw that holds the surface panels of your mouse together. Some models may have several screws rather than one screw.

3. Loosen and take away the screw with a jeweler’s screwdriver. Set the screw aside in a safe place. Flip the mouse back over.

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4. Pull back on the highest panel of your mouse, then gently lift upward to get rid of it. The scroll wheel, alongside the interior circuit card, is going to be exposed. Note how the scroll wheel rests on its plastic assembly, as this is often how it should look once you replace it after cleaning.

5. Grasp the plastic assembly. Two springs will extend from either side of the scroll wheel. Pull upward on the community to get rid of the wheel and the two attached springs.

6. Hold your can of compressed gas roughly four inches from the scroll wheel and surrounding assembly—fire short bursts of air at either side of the wheel, dispersing all visible dust and dirt. Continue until the looks completely clean.

7. Immerse the tip of a cotton swab in isopropanol. Run the tip of the swab around the circumference of the wheel, cleaning away oily buildup and dirt. Allow the wheel to dry completely.

8. Replace the plastic assembly within the center of your open mouse. A little click is going to be heard once it’s seated correctly.

9. Fit the highest panel back over the highest of the mouse. Flip the mouse over and replace the screw. Tighten the screw until it’s snug.

10. Test the mouse to make sure proper function.

How to clean your Razer mousepad 

Our mats require minimum maintenance to stay in optimum condition. However, suppose you notice any visible dirt buildup or want to keep your mats sanitized. In that case, we recommend cleaning them with a lint-free microfiber cloth soaked lightly in an alcohol based-solution (at least 70% isopropyl alcohol) and wipe your mat in circular motions. If you’re employing a Razer Chroma-powered mat, confirm to unplug the mat from your system first.

For Soft Mats:

  • Do not use soap or harsh cleaning agents.
  • Please do not place your mousepad within the washer or clean it under running water.
  • Do not fold, roll, or compress the mousepad.

For Hard Mats:

  • Clean the surface periodically by dampening a cloth with warm water and wiping gently.
  • Use only a clean, soft, lint-free cloth, like a microfiber cloth, as this produces the smallest amount of friction.
  • Avoid using abrasive sponges or towels as this might damage the mat’s surface.
  • On your mouse, clean its mouse feet thoroughly from time to time for the simplest possible glide.


  • Feels excellently well-built.
  • Very light.
  • Amazingly low click latency.
  • Wide and adjustable CPI.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.


  • The cable is not as flexible as another option.

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