How to Change Your Home Page in Microsoft Edge


You’re able to decide on a homepage at Microsoft Edge. Here is the site that the browser will load as it opens to the very first time, but perhaps not if you start new windows or tabs.

But, it is possible to alter your “New Tab” webpage also. Edge provides you three preset choices to pick from, in addition to a “Custom” option.

Here is the way to alter your site and New Tab webpage at Microsoft Edge onto a PC or Mac.

How to change your homepage in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge in your Mac or PC and enter “edge://settings/onStartup” (minus the quotes) to your address bar in Edge. Hit Return or Enter on your computer to visit that preferences page.
  2. Click on “Open a particular webpage or pages” then “Insert a new page.”
  3. From the pop-up that appears, paste or type in the URL of the site you need to be your site. Click “Insert
  4. When you’ve completed this, click on “Look” from the left sidebar.
  5. On the page that opens, click on the button next to the “Showhouse button” to turn blue.
  6. A box will open in which you can input a URL. Paste or type in the site which you place as your site.
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This webpage is currently your browser homepage. It’s going to load once you start Edge or any time you click on the home icon in the top-right of this display.

But it will not load if you start a new window or tab. Here is the way to change this.

How to customize your New Tab page on Microsoft Edge

  1. Copy and paste “edge://settings/newTabPage” (minus the quotes) to your address bar in Edge. Hit Return or Enter on your computer.
  2. Select “Customize.”
  3. Edge provides you three default designs; “Focused” can offer you a minimalist design, “Inspirational” can provide you with the Microsoft image of your afternoon, and “Informational” can provide you with a webpage full of this day’s news stories. If none of those options suit you, then you can choose “Custom.”
  4. You can not set a particular site as the New Tab page, sadly. Edge only provides you a limited number of alternatives for this specific page: you can remove or keep links to your visited sites, the image of this day, as well as also the news headlines.
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