how to automate tasks

how to automate tasks

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What Is Task Automation?

Task automation is the application of recent technology to attenuate or eliminate the necessity for human involvement to finish a task. We experience many sorts of task automation in our everyday lives: airport check-in kiosks, ATMs, nutriment ordering, prescription refills, and subscription services. These automations have eliminated the human element from a minimum of one step within the process. for instance, checking during at the airport previously required all passengers to face in a line to get a boarding card or drop off baggage. Today, these tasks are automated by technology: Boarding passes are often printed reception, obtained using an airport kiosk, or maybe displayed on your telephone. In many cases, all human intervention has been eliminated from retrieving boarding passes and baggage handling.

Chatbots are another sort of task automation readily available for private and business use. Support chatbots are open on business websites to answer user questions or guide a user through a process. Skill chatbots could also be used reception to activate lights or adjust thermostat settings automatically. Like Amazon Alexa and Siri, personal assistant chatbots became quite popular and offered a powerful range of capabilities.

Cell phones, tablets, and other intelligent devices also can leverage task automation apps. For example, one popular app, IFTTT (If This Then That), gets other apps and devices to speak to every other.

The Benefits of Task Automation

Artificial intelligence and robotics are thanks to improving everything you are doing in business and your personal life. C-level executives rank process and task automation as a top priority for driving efficiencies. Plus, the innovative technology powered by AI, robotics, and predictive analytics enable staff to automate across all business functions. With the proper tools, businesses will experience the following benefits from task automation:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased system availability
  • Improved accuracy and reliability
  • Improved performance
  • Increased human resource availability
  • Increased specialize in high-value, strategic activities.
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6 ways to automate simple work tasks

1. Sort and respond to emails

On average, workers receive 200 emails every day and spend two and a half hours reading and replying to those emails. So it’s no wonder that inbox zero has become the last word goal, and with some easy automation tricks, it seems more attainable.

First, found outsmart labels in Gmail or rules in Outlook to sort emails you receive supported sender or keywords automatically. Even better: if you’re an Evernote Premium user, you’ll automatically forward your emails into Evernote, so relevant messages stay alongside related notes.

For those emails that only need a fast response or acknowledgement, create email templates and canned responses, so you’re not typing, “Sounds good!” or “That works for me” whenever.

And lastly, use Boomerang, a Gmail plugin, to schedule email responses, so you don’t get to remember to follow up.

2. Proofread your work in real time

How embarrassing is it to form a typo in an email, blog post, or (gasp) on your website? Unfortunately, keyboard slips are only too common, and while you’ll have coworkers proofread important content, they probably don’t have time to edit every single thing you write.

Browser extensions like Grammarly and After the Deadline automatically correct contextual spelling errors, incorrect grammar, or poor vocabulary usage. The Hemingway App identifies long, complex sentences, weak phrases, passive, and more for more complex proofreading.

3. Save time scouring the news

Something as simple as reading the morning news can quickly become a region of current events. So rather than tracking down relevant stories, have them come to you.

Flipboard’s Smart Magazines learn what you wish to support your reading habits and automatically compile stories specifically for you within the app. TheSkimm delivers a daily digest of top headlines into your inbox with a fun and quirky twist.

For more customized news, found out a Google Alert with the keyword you would like to watch. Then, found a filter in Gmail to automatically forward the message to a fanatical notebook in your Evernote account, where you’ll read it at your leisure.

4. Leverage AI to schedule meetings for you

You don’t get to wait until you get the corner office to possess an executive assistant. AI assistants Amy and Andrew, created by, schedule all of your meetings for you, saving you the endless back-and-forth that quickly drains hours every day. There’s nothing to download — simply CC Amy in an email, and they will check out your calendar, email together with your guest, and send a gathering to invite to both of you.

Amy also can assist you in remembering your doctor’s appointment or coworker’s birthday. All you would like to try to email Amy with the date, time, and details of the reminder, and she’ll block off your calendar.

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5. Create custom automation rules

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your favourite apps talked to every other? With tools like Zapier and IFTTT, you’ll connect and automate your apps with just a couple of clicks.

With Zapier, you’ll look for your favourite apps (like Evernote) and choose between an inventory of “Zaps” (integrations) or create your workflow. for instance, creating Trello cards from Evernote notes or creating Google Calendar events from Evernote reminders.

IFTTT also allows you to look for pre-built integrations, called Applets, or create your own. to increase Evernote, you’ll create a draft in Gmail once you add a replacement note, sync new notes during a notebook to Google Drive, create a draft post in WordPress once you add a replacement note and more.

6. Build custom workflows for repetitive computer tasks

Think of that coworker who knows numerous computer shortcuts that seem to be employing a completely different machine from everyone else. While you’ll not be that kind of computer user, you’ll get one step closer to custom workflows.

Automator may be a tool included in OS X that permits you to automate tasks on your Mac without finding out any programming. With an inventory of built-in actions, you’ll quickly create workflows for repetitive tasks like changing file names, resizing images, or backing up important files.

For Windows users, there’s the built-in Windows Task Scheduler. You’ll create a primary task, select the frequency of that task, and identify the trigger. For instance, you’ll open equivalent programs whenever you go online or delete all files during a folder older than one month.

Business Tasks You Can Automate Today

One common misconception is that task automation leads to staff layoffs. Most job roles aren’t entirely replaceable by technology. Instead, you’ll have the chance to redefine job roles as you automate tasks and workflows. As a result, your employees will become more productive, and you’ll cut costs, save time, and make efficiencies. consistent with a report published by the McKinsey Global Institute, “As many as 45 per cent of the activities individuals are paid to perform are often automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies.”

Tedious, recurring tasks are prime candidates for automation. Below are 13 business tasks you’ll automate now:

  1. Report creation
  2. Software/hardware/technology requests
  3. HR requests (employee hiring/termination)
  4. Appointment scheduling
  5. Bill paying
  6. Invoicing/accounting
  7. Social media posts
  8. Email responses, signatures, and sorting
  9. Word processing functions (e.g., replacing text, renaming files)
  10. Data mining
  11. Templates for proposals
  12. Customer communication
  13. Login credentials and therefore the filling out of form information

According to the American Psychological Association, “Even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost the maximum amount as 40 per cent of someone’s productive time.” So, why not automate the maximum amount possible? To work out the tasks your company should automate, consider the advantages you’ll generate by using technology instead of humans, also because the value employees can deliver by that specialize in other activities.

User Questions:

1.What marketing tasks are often automated?

4 Tasks you ought to Automate

Content Promotion and Scheduling. Writing, editing, posting, and promoting your blog content is time-consuming. …

Social Media. Social media is one of the heavy hitters within the digital marketing world. …

Email Marketing. …

A/B Testing.

2.What is CRM marketing automation?

CRM is more focused on collecting knowledge about existing customer accounts and managing new-customer pipelines. At the same time, Marketing Automation concentrates on orchestrating one-to-one communication with early-stage prospects and routing new opportunities to work on subsequent marketing and sales actions.

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3.Do you need marketing automation?

The best marketing teams use marketing automation to form their campaigns more accurately, empower their sales team with better leads, and achieve more significant ROI. Using marketing automation, marketers are better ready to qualify leads and pass them onto sales, leading to higher revenue and more substantial growth.

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