Hamachi Does Not Work in Windows 10

Hamachi Does Not Work in Windows 10

Here we can see, “Hamachi Does Not Work in Windows 10”

  • Gamers most likely use Hamachi to set up a virtual LAN network and play with their pals. Read our post below to learn how to fix it if it’s not working.
  • Since Hamachi is a well-known service, you might find helpful information or solutions to your problem by reading our previous articles about it.
  • Nowadays, there is a strong demand for VPN solutions due to the desire for anonymity. Please check out our section on fixing VPNs if you have any further issues.
  • See our Windows 10 faults hub for more information on other Windows 10 difficulties.

The popular virtual private network program Hamachi is employed for various purposes.

For instance, gamers frequently use Hamachi to build a virtual LAN network so they can play with their pals.

Since several users claim that Hamachi isn’t functioning with the release of Windows 10, let’s try to remedy that.

Although Hamachi is well-liked service, problems might occasionally arise. Speaking of problems, the following subjects will be covered in this article:

  • Hamachi network adapter error Windows 10 – This is a rather typical Hamachi problem, and your driver is most likely to blame. You must update or reinstall your Hamachi driver to resolve the issue.
  • Hamachi tunnel problem yellow triangle – Another common problem with Hamachi. You may need to restart Hamachi or your computer to resolve this issue. If so, see if the issue is resolved.
  • Hamachi service stopped – If this is an issue for you, simply manually start the Hamachi service to resolve it.
  • Hamachi won’t connect, open – Many users reported that Hamachi won’t open or connect on their PC. This could be a problem, but if you just reinstall Hamachi, you might be able to resolve it.
  • Hamachi gateway not working – This is one of more serious Hamachi errors that you can encounter. However, if you apply one of our suggestions, you ought to be able to repair it.

Ensure you have downloaded the most recent Hamachi version before attempting to resolve this problem.

Install the most recent version of Hamachi if the issue still exists, then remove it and try one of these fixes.

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What can I do if Hamachi does not work in Windows 10?

Solution 1 – Disable Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

Users claim that Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol frequently obstructs Hamachi.

Hamachi may not function properly as a result of this protocol, but you can address that by doing the following actions:

    1. Navigate to Network Connections in the Control Panel.
    2. The Network Bridge must be deleted.
    3. Right-click on Local Area Connection by finding it.
    4. All items should be checked, except for the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol.
    5. Install the most recent Hamachi version after restarting your computer.

Once you’ve done that, see if the problem still exists.

Solution 2 – Turn on LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine service

Several services must be active for Hamachi to function effectively. Certain services may occasionally become deactivated on your PC, but you can easily restore their functionality.

Before trying the following steps, make sure you have Hamachi’s most recent version installed:

    1. To launch it, hit Windows Key + R, type services.msc, and then click Enter.
    2. Locate the LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine in the Services window. To access the service’s properties, double-click it.
    3. Click Start in the Service Status window right now to start the service.
    4. To save changes, click Apply and then OK.

If the service is already active, stop it, give it a little pause, and then restart it. The problem ought to be fully fixed after restarting the service.

Solution 3 – Run Hamachi as administrator

Although it is a rather straightforward method, some people claim that it is effective. Do the following to run Hamachi as an administrator:

    1. Get a shortcut for Hamachi. Check to see whether Hamachi is not active in the background.
    2. Run as administrator by selecting it with the right-click menu.

If this approach works, you might wish to configure Hamachi to always run as an administrator. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. Select Properties from the menu when you right-click the Hamachi icon.
    2. Go to the tab for compatibility. Check To save modifications, launch this application as an administrator and select Apply and OK.

Once you’ve done that, Hamachi will always launch with administrative rights, and your issue ought to be fixed.

Solution 4 – Delete Hamachi registry entries and reinstall the application

You must first remove Hamachi from your computer. You then need to clean out your registry of all references to Hamachi. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. To launch Registry Editor, press Windows Key + R and type regedit.
    2. Create a registry backup as soon as the Registry Editor launches in case something goes wrong.
    3. Select the location where you want to export your registry by selecting File > Export.
    4. Make sure you choose All under the Export range. Click Save to export your register at this time. Simply click this file to restore the registry to its current state if something goes wrong.
    5. Enter “hamachi” into the search field by pressing Ctrl + F.
    6. Remove any keys you come across.
    7. To find the following Hamachi key, press F3.
    8. Continue doing this until you’ve erased every Hamachi key.
    9. Install the most recent version of Hamachi after all the keys have been erased.

Solution 5 – Restart your PC

By just restarting your computer, you might be able to fix any Hamachi issues you’re experiencing. Try restarting your computer; people claim that this can occasionally solve problems.

We must point out that restarting your computer can only offer a temporary repair, but if you need a quick fix, be sure to give it a shot.

Solution 6 – Update Hamachi drivers

Hamachi comes with its own drivers; thus it’s possible that if you’re experiencing any issues, those are the cause. However, by just updating the required drivers, you might be able to resolve this issue. Simply adhere to these few procedures to accomplish that:

    1. To access the Win + X menu, press Windows Key + X. Pick Device Manager from the list at this point.
    2. Right-click your Hamachi adapter under Network Adapters. From the menu, select Update Driver.
    3. To find driver software on my machine, click Browse.
    4. Select the directory where you installed Hamachi by clicking the Browse option. After choosing the required directory, press Next to proceed.

Microsoft Windows will now attempt to install the driver. After installing the driver, see if the issue still exists.

Solution 7 – Install Hamachi as legacy hardware

Installing Hamachi as legacy hardware can help you solve any issues you have with the program and its drivers.

To uninstall Hamachi’s driver before installing it as legacy hardware, follow these steps:

    1. Activate Device Manager.
    2. Locate your Hamachi Network Adapter once Device Manager has loaded, then right-click it and select Uninstall device from the menu.
    3. Click Uninstall when the confirmation dialogue box displays.

We can add Hamachi as legacy hardware after removing the driver by doing the following steps:

    1. Select Add legacy hardware from the Action menu.
    2. Click Next when the Add Hardware wizard appears.
    3. Select Click Next after installing the hardware that I personally chose from a list (Advanced).
    4. Next, after selecting Show All Devices.
    5. Click Have Disk to continue.
    6. Select the Hamachi driver by clicking the Browse option, then choose the Hamachi installation directory.
    7. To install the driver, simply follow the on-screen directions.

After the driver is installed, Hamachi’s issues ought to be resolved.

Solution 8 – Uninstall conflicting software

Many users complained that their VPN client prevented them from running Hamachi on their PC.

Since Hamachi is a network utility, it’s usual for other network programs, like VPN, to experience compatibility issues.

According to user reports, you might want to try deleting your VPN to see if that solves the issue.

Users claimed that the Dell VPN client was the root of the problem, but after getting rid of it, everything worked well again.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why won’t my Hamachi work?

Use the following techniques to restore the connection to the Hamachi network adapter. Reboot, disable your software firewall (unless it’s Windows Firewall), and then give it another go. Open Device Manager and turn on the Hamachi Network Interface driver manually. Start Hamachi and check to see if it can connect after that.

2. On Windows 10, how can I set up Hamachi?

    1. To access the Win + X menu, press Windows Key + X. Pick Device Manager from the list at this point.
    2. Click the right mouse button on your Hamachi adapter in the Network Adapters area.
    3. To find driver software on my machine, click Browse.
    4. Select the directory where you installed Hamachi by clicking the Browse option.
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3. Do you still support Hamachi?

For the time being, it is accessible as a production version for Microsoft Windows and macOS, a beta version for Linux, and an Android and iOS system-VPN-based client. Hamachi runs in the background on idle PCs for premium subscribers.

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