Comcast offers ultra-cheap Internet to Federal Pell Grant recipients

Comcast offers ultra-cheap Internet to Federal Pell Grant recipients

Comcast offers a low-cost Internet plan for eligible subscribers called Internet Essentials. In an announcement about the plan today, the service provider revealed that it’d open the web Essentials decide to undergraduate college and university students who received the Federal Pell Grant, enabling them to urge online for ten bucks a month.

Comcast‘s Internet Essentials is priced at $9.99/month, accelerating to 50Mbps; subscribers must meet certain low-income requirements to urge the plan, like being a part of the National School Lunch Program and getting SNAP/SSI/Medicaid, and similar. Federal Pell Grant recipients are now listed together of the qualifying programs covered by Internet Essentials.

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Many core aspects of contemporary life require Internet access, including access to educational materials and classes, banking, and more. The pandemic underscored the importance of getting high-speed broadband available to many individuals, including those that sleep in rural regions and low-income families that will not be ready to afford regular rates.

The new opportunity to check-in for Internet Essentials is hospitable to any Federal Pell Grant recipients who sleep in a neighborhood where Comcast service is out there. The Federal Pell Grant program may be a federal grant offered to eligible students attending a post-secondary program.

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In addition to expanding eligibility for Internet Essentials, Comcast says that it’s earmarked $15 million to fund things like free laptops for low-income individuals, including students. The corporate says around 25,000 laptops will be donated to individuals in need in many big cities across the US, including Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, etc.