Google’s Here to Help You Keep Up With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Google's Here to Help You Keep Up With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Google’s got some brilliant ways to assist you in retaining up the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, including watching live coverage of the event.

After a year’s delay, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics finally begin on July 23. For anyone looking to stay up with the event, Google’s got you covered.

With ways to use existing Google services to catch abreast of the newest events and having the ability to observe live coverage on YouTube TV, nobody’s getting left behind.

Google’s Helping You Keep Up With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games officially begin on July 23, and Google’s got many alternative ways to assist you in retaining up with the Games. In a politician blog post on The Keyword, the program giant shared six ways to assist you to stay within the loop for the upcoming Olympics.

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Interestingly, NBC is launching an exclusive sports trivia game to Google Assistant for the Olympics, alongside the prevailing library of games. To play, say, “Hey Google, play NBC Sports Trivia”. When checking out the Games, you will get a daily recap video and a few top news for the day. Google’s also curated a replacement interactive Google Doodle for the Olympics.

Google’s list has some fairly obvious ways to stay up with the sporting event. As you’d expect, if you search “Olympics” in Google, you’ll even be ready to find the newest information on your favorite events, sports, and players. But, of course, you’ll also ask Google Assistant any of those questions.

There are also some more creative ways to use Google services for Olympics-related content. The Play Store features a dedicated section for Olympics apps. Here, you will find the official app, alongside games, sports, and news apps. Google also wants internet browsers to explore Tokyo (and the remainder of Japan) using Street View and Google Maps.

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How to Watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with Google

Most people curious about the Olympics will want to observe the event instead of just catch up on the news and, therefore, the highlights. Google’s got a few of the ways for you to try to do that also.

Live events, clips, and highlights will be broadcast by official Olympic broadcasters, like Marca Claro and Eurosport, on the relevant YouTube channels. In the US, viewers will be ready to watch NBC’s live coverage of the Games on YouTube TV.

Google also released some new YouTube Originals series, especially for the Olympics. The new shows: Strive, the way to Olympics, Break the Record, and World Debut range from in-depth documentaries, to full-on fictional TV shows.

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Let the Games Begin!

There’s no doubt the Olympics are an unmissable event, and Google doesn’t want you to miss them either. So although you’d expect to be ready to keep up-to-date on the event with Google, it’s nice to ascertain all the ways of doing so.