Google Voice now offers advanced call customizing options to all users

Google Voice now offers advanced call customizing options to all users

Despite its enormous utility and popularity, Google Voice is frequently overlooked for product improvements. That makes major announcements, such as the one Google made this week, even more exciting. This time, the business adds several crucial call customization options to Google Voice, allowing users to tailor the service to their own needs.

On December 21, Google revealed the new custom rule additions, adding that while the additional choices will be disabled by default, users can enable them and set them up in the Google Voice settings menu. All users get access to the new features right now.

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Calls received from certain contacts can now be forwarded to the account’s connected phone number; alternatively, calls from these contacts can be set to automatically forward to voicemail. This will make it easier to ensure that you receive calls from critical business connections while dismissing calls from vendors pitching new services.

Users can also arrange Google Voice to automatically screen calls received from specific contacts. Users can set up several voicemail greetings for different callers if the calls go to voicemail. For example, a distinct voicemail greeting can be programmed for business contacts than for personal callers.

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Users with many contacts can also establish custom rules to apply to broad callers rather than to each contact. Though these improvements won’t affect customers who only use Google Voice for online dating profiles, spam filtering, and other minor purposes, they’re potentially critical for power users who utilize Google’s free VoIP service to manage their professional and personal lives better.

For more information on setting up and using these new features, visit the Google Voice help centre. Google Voice is available on various platforms, including PC, Android, iOS, and iPad.