Google Quietly Drops Astrophotography Feature for Pixel Devices


Google eliminated a reasonably handy feature from version 8.1 of its camera program.

The Google Camera program is just one of the most outstanding photography programs readily available on Android. One of the more unusual features of this Google Camera is your capability to shoot stunning astrophotography pictures.

The business has restricted the attribute with Google Camera 8.1, as a crucial facet of the cellphone’s astrophotography toolset was dropped.

Google Camera App Drops Astrophotography Feature

If you’re a fan of shooting photographs of outside space with your Pixel apparatus, you are likely to be let down. 9to5Google noticed the astrophotography manner no longer allows users to pick the 107-degree front-facing camera, making users using the more compact field-of-view given by the primary camera using 1X increased zoom (the wide-angle style employs a 0.6 zoom).

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Formerly, when in an astrophotography manner, users can choose the aforementioned 16MP shot to shoot photos. Now, the program does not let users maintain the wide-angle mode when changing to astrophotography. On the contrary, it forces users to switch to 1X zoom until it jumps into the pitch-darkness capturing style.

We are not sure why Google did so, but it might be because the wide-angle mode recorded lower-quality photographs, while the 1X manner captures better pictures that seem sharper and more defined, even though much less broad.

Google Camera is Still Excellent

Whenever it’s unfortunate that Google dropped the wide-angle astrophotography manner, the telephone still takes terrific images of outer space, which will be more than many mobiles can declare.

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