Android Fix: App could not be downloaded due to an Error 497

Google Play Error 497

Google Play Error 497 happens when you attempt to upgrade the software installed onto your phone, generally through Wi-Fi. This generally does not happen if you are using the most recent edition of PlayStore; however, if by any chance you will experience this “Program was not able to be downloaded because of an Error 497”, we’ve got an option for you.

Lately, I’ve encountered this error 497 while downloading Instagram out of google play shop. Also, a lot of customers have reported this mistake happened to them whenever they attempt to download or upgrade some favourite programs such as Facebook, WhatsApp such as Skype, SnapChat, Dropbox, Viber plus a few popular games such as Angry bird, Candy beat saga, MotoRacing, Badland, Temple run. This option should work on each “Download Unsuccessful” or “Setup” 497 error that happen while downloading from PlayStore.

Clear PlayStore’s Cache and Data:

Wiping cache and information should remove this mistake and be the foremost point to do if some of your program begin s to misbehave. To do this, open your Settings program and go to Apps > Find Google Play Store along with Google Play Services and transparent data of the program by clicking Clear Data. Repeat this procedure for Download Manager along with also Google Service Framework too. Restart your apparatus. You have to sign in again along with your Google ID. Now attempt to re-download the program. In case it functions — task nicely, if it does not continue studying this tutorial.

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Unmount SD Card:

On occasion, the program that’s been transferred to SD Card gets difficulty upgrading even though you did not forcefully transfer them (i.e. with Titanium Backup or other related programs ). Unmount SD Card before downloading a program to induce PlayStore to put in it on phone memory. To do this, open your Settings program and go to Storage and pat Unmount SD Card. After doing this, retry downloading the program. If you’re upgrading the program (which can be in your SD Card) installed on your telephone, you need to try moving the app to call memory and then attempt to upgrade it. To accomplish this, open your Settings program and open Programs. Switch over to find the program. Click it and then tap Proceed to Phone Performance. Whether this solution worked, you are done, should today keep on reading further.

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Uninstall PlayStore Updates:

On occasion, the upgrades for PlayStore causes these issues. Uninstalling those upgrades may figure out this dilemma. To do this, head to Settings > Programs > Google PlayStore and path Uninstall Updates. Repeat this to Google Play Service and Google Service Framework (if there are any upgrades to be flashed ). Occasionally the Uninstall Updates button will be greyed out. If that’s the instance, you can’t execute this particular alternative. If this did not work, the next alternative might repair it.

Re-install the App:

Here is the final resort. It’s possible to uninstall the program and reinstalled it in the PlayStore. Beware that doing so will wipe out your program info. To perform thi, start your Settings program and go to Apps > find the program and then uninstall it. You can now re-download the program from the PlayStore with no situation.

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For Rooted Devices:

If you are having difficulty upgrading a specific program app, it is possible to delete the first APK and reinstall it in the PlayStore. To accomplish this, visit the origin of your apparatus utilizing Root Explorer or comparable programs. Navigate to System/app and pat on Mount R/W, and then click on the program. Or to be rescued, only rename the program like such as GoogleSearch.apk into GoogleSearch.apk.backup. Reboot the program out of the PlayStore.

In case none of those mentioned above solution worked for you, you may use options to Google PlayStore. Amazon, Mobogenie, are several excellent options.