Android Fix: Google Play Error 481

Android Fix: Google Play Error 481

The majority of us today utilize smartphone and nearly all of the phones one of them are android tablets. With the increasing popularity of this Android OS, it is users raising at a quick base. Its increasing popularity is surely due to the open platform and the program database. However, it’s also having a few mistakes while attempting several items using the OS. Here, we’re talking about the most usual android mistakes — Error 481 while downloading or upgrading the programs from your Google Play Store.

While talking about the specifics, if you are this issue, it can be revealing “XXX might not be downloaded because of an error 481”, as revealed in this figure, if you attempt and install the downloaded software or their upgrades in the Google Play Store. It surely is a bothersome issue because most people might be attempting the bought program, or it might squander our time and manage us at last. The feature we are attempting to use cannot be utilized when this error 481 stays within our android phone.

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The error 481 emerging at the play store is, however, nevertheless not with a remedy, and it may be solved after a few simple steps, which can be cited as the next:

Proceed to call menu > preferences.

Select ‘Programs

Proceed to the listing with all programs.

Select ‘Google Play Store‘ or ‘Android Market

Press ‘Clear Cache‘, ‘Force Stop‘ and the nuclear info in the sequential sequence mentioned.

Open the Play Store and Attempt to get the program again.

The error might be solved, along the error may not look anymore; however, if it isn’t so, you likely need to log in with your Google Account certificate. This will surely address error 481.

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The error 481 on your android phone, when solved, won’t look, and you’ll be able to download or upgrade any of your desirable programs from the play store.