Google Maps Adds New Ways to Navigate the New Normal

Google Maps Adds New Ways to Navigate the New Normal

How packed is that bus you’re getting to hop onto? Now Google Maps will allow you to know.

It’s a little bit ironic to mention that the pandemic changed how we visit places, and corporations have struggled to adapt to the present new world. Now, Google has revealed some new features coming to Maps to assist people in getting around within the new normal.

Google Maps in a New Normal

Google announced all of its plans on The Keyword. Google Maps is astounding for locating local travel routes and places to eat, but it doesn’t consider what percentage of people are already there. After all, a bus filled with people is way more potentially infectious than a sparse one.

Unfortunately, access to its information is now more critical than ever. For example, Google states that conveyance route direction requests have increased by 50% since last year, so ensuring all those people get on safe, uncrowded vehicles is vital.

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Fortunately, Google has the answer:

That’s why we’re expanding transit crowdedness predictions to over 10,000 transit agencies in 100 countries, so you’ll know if your line is probably going to possess many open seats, hit total capacity, or be anywhere in between. With this information, you’ll decide whether you would like to mount board or await another train.

Google also notes that ought to the pandemic get to such A level that regular life can resume, this feature won’t be old-fashioned. Because, because the internet giant puts it, “no one likes standing during a jam-packed subway car” no matter the pandemic’s prevalence.

Also, Google is adding a couple of extra touches to reviews. Now, once you review a food place, you’ll state whether you ate in or took your food out. This helps others settle on a restaurant that will require their food home rather than dining inside.

Google Maps also will better tell you ways long you traveled or spent in an area, so you’ll better manage some time. And Google is quick to feature that you can now use Trips in Timeline to think of your past holidays and remember a time when hopping on an airplane wasn’t a severe health concern.

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A Whole New World for Google Maps

As our daily routine changes to suit the pandemic, so too must the tools we use to urge our stuff done. Google is leading the charge with these handy new features for Maps, and it will hopefully be an enormous help in aiding people to form educated decisions about what to try to and where to travel.

This isn’t the primary time Google has enhanced Maps to keep people safe. the web giant recently updated Maps to take route danger under consideration when calculating the most straightforward path.