Google Maps for Android Gets the Compass Back Where It Belongs

Google Maps for Android Gets the Compass Back Where It Belongs

Google eliminated the compass Google Maps to get Android back 2019 in its own “attempt to clean the Navigation screen” Following two decades of constant user comments. However, Google is currently incorporating back the compass to Maps.

The Compass Makes Its Comeback in Google Maps for Android

As for Android Police accounts, Google is incorporating back the compass as part of its massive Google Maps upgrade that attracts over 100+ attributes. The statement had been made with Shweta, a Google Community supervisor, on a service thread:

You wanted it, and we noticed you! We are excited to announce that the return of this compass on Maps to Android. The compass has been eliminated from Maps to Android in ancient 2019 to tidy up the Navigation display, but because of overwhelming support, it is back!

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Where to Find the Compass in Google Maps for Android

Suppose you’re operating Google Maps 10.62 or even a more recent build in your Android apparatus. In that case, you need to observe the compass widget at the Navigation display right beneath the quantity button.

The compass icon will step towards the northwest, which means you’re going to know which direction you’re going to. In the event your map isn’t aligned, tapping on the compass icon will automatically align with the navigation instructions according to the north management.

Incidentally, Google never eliminated the compass widget out of Google Maps to get iPhone. Therefore, it was uncertain why the provider only decided to restrict its attempts of cleaning the Navigation display to the Android edition of this program.

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Whatever the situation may be, if you’re bummed about the lost compass at Google Maps while utilizing Navigation, it is back to where it goes.