Google Drive makes all file types available offline

Google Drive makes all file types available offline

Google has announced a feature that has been in beta since 2019 has now become generally available. The feature allows Drive users to form all file types available for offline viewing. Previously, only Google file types were available for offline viewing.

Once documents are marked for offline viewing, users can access them even when an online connection is unavailable. With the overall availability of the feature, everyone can now use it. In addition, users of ChromeOS can now access the Files app via their Chromebook and choose Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files for offline availability.

Streamlined access to files for ChromeOS users eliminates the necessity to open Google Drive or Docs to form the files available offline. Google says the advantage of the new feature for all users is more straightforward access to files with their offline. Having access to documents of all sorts anywhere you go is vital for several people.

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Google is obvious that any file types like PDFs, images, or Office files will be opened using apps installed on the pc once they are offline. The new feature is currently available for desktop users. However, for those using Drive in an office environment, offline access has got to be enabled by the admin for the domain.

Standard users are going to be ready to activate the feature if they need it. A gradual rollout of the offline viewing feature started on September 2. Google said it could take up to fifteen days for complete visibility to all users in rapid-release domains. Users and scheduled release domains will see a gradual rollout taking over to fifteen days beginning September 14. The feature will come to all Google Workspace customers, including Cloud Identity Free, Cloud Identity Premium, and G Suite Basic and Business.

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