The Essential Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


Understanding these Google Drive keyboard shortcuts can make you more effective and save tons of time.

Google Drive keyboard shortcuts

Google Drive is our favorite cloud storage alternative, not just because it supplies a vast 15GB limit for free users, but since it seamlessly integrates with Google Docs (which appears to be our favorite Microsoft Office option ). It is the best all-in-one alternative for workplace productivity, and it gets much better once you begin using the next crucial Google Drive keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard ShortcutDescription
Create Actions
Shift + F Create a new folder
Shift + P Create a new Presentation
Shift + S Create a new Spreadsheet
Shift + T Create a new Document
Navigation Actions
A Open the More Actions menu for the currently selected item
C Open the New Item menu
DToggle the Details Pane
FOpen the Folder actions menu
I Toggle the Activity Pane
ROpen the Sort menu
T Open the Settings menu
V Switch between grid and list views
/Jump to Google Drive search bar
General Actions
NRename selected item
SStar or unstar selected item
Z Move selected item to another folder
EnterOpen selected item
Period Share selected item
Shift + 3 Delete selected item
Shift + A Select all visible items
Shift + N Clear all selections
Shift + / Open list of all shortcuts
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo last undone action
Selection Actions
Down ArrowSelect next item below
Left Arrow Select next item to the left
Right Arrow Select next item to the right
Up Arrow Select next item above
Shift + Down Arrow Include next item below in current selection
Shift + Left Arrow Include next item to the left in current selection
Shift + Right Arrow Include next item to the right in current selection
Shift + Up Arrow Include next item above in current selection
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If you would like to take your workplace efficiency even further, have a look at our article on organizing your Google Drive like an expert, which has many Google Drive hints like color coding, advanced research, revision histories, and much more.

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