The Essential List of Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts


The handy and useful keyboard shortcuts to understanding in Microsoft Outlook.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook is significantly more powerful and flexible than Mail or another desktop email client on the market. However, with it being packed with so many helpful features, it may be overwhelming and hard to navigate–unless you understand these fundamental Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts, which we have provided for you in cookie structure.

Keyboard ShortcutDescription
General Shortcuts
F3Find a contact or other item
F4Find or replace
F9Check for new messages
F11Find a contact
F12Save As (only in Mail view)
DeleteDelete selected item (message, task, or meeting)
Shift + Ctrl + A Create a new Appointment
Shift + Ctrl + B Open the Address Book
Shift + Ctrl + C Create a new Contact
Shift + Ctrl + E Create a new folder
Shift + Ctrl + F Open the Advanced Find window
Shift + Ctrl + H Create a new Office document
Shift + Ctrl + I Switch to Inbox
Shift + Ctrl + J Create a new Journal Entry
Shift + Ctrl + K Create a new Task
Shift + Ctrl + L Create a new Contact Group
Shift + Ctrl + M Create a new Message
Shift + Ctrl + N Create a new Note
Shift + Ctrl + O Switch to the Outbox
Shift + Ctrl + P Open the New Search Folder window
Shift + Ctrl + Q Create a new Meeting Request
Shift + Ctrl + U Create a new Task Request
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Switch to Work Week calendar view
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Switch to Full Week calendar view
Ctrl + Alt + 4 Switch to Month calendar view
Message Shortcuts
Shift + Ctrl + R Reply All
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + C Copy selected text
Ctrl + F Forward message
Ctrl + H Find and replace text
Ctrl + K Check names against Address Book
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + Q Mark selected message read
Ctrl + R Reply
Ctrl + S Save message as draft
Ctrl + U Mark selected message unread
Ctrl + V Paste copied text
Ctrl + X Cut selected text
Ctrl + Y Go to folder...
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Alt + J Mark message as Not Junk
Ctrl + Alt + M Mark message for download
Alt + S Send message
Quick Navigation
Ctrl + 1 Switch to Mail view
Ctrl + 2 Switch to Calendar view
Ctrl + 3 Switch to Contacts view
Ctrl + 4 Switch to Tasks view
Ctrl + 5 Switch to Notes
Ctrl + 6 Switch to Folder List
Ctrl + 7 Switch to Shortcuts
Ctrl + Period Switch to next open message
Ctrl + Comma Switch to previous open message
Alt + H Go to Home tab
Alt + Left Go to previous view in the main Outlook window
Alt + Right Go to next view in the main Outlook window
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As soon as you’ve mastered those keyboard shortcuts, it is possible to choose your productivity to another level by studying these best practices for Microsoft Outlook and integrating such command-line switches for Outlook into your workflow. And if you use Outlook on Mac, have a look at our entire collection of all Microsoft Office for Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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