Fix How to Get Help in Windows 10 Pop-up

Fix How to Get Help in Windows 10 Pop-up

Here we can see, “Fix How to Get Help in Windows 10 Pop-up”

  • Users of Windows 10 frequently see the How to seek help in Windows 10 pop-up.
  • All you have to do to get rid of it is see if your F1 key is stuck or pressed.
  • It has also been shown to be helpful to change your registry or remove apps from Startup.
  • If the question of How to obtain help in Windows 10 keeps coming up, keep reading below.

When you click the F1 key on the Windows 10 desktop, the How to get help in Windows 10 Bing search pop-up appears in your default browser.

However, some customers have claimed in forums that they frequently experience automated Windows 10 help pop-ups on their Windows desktops.

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What causes Windows 10 Help to launch repeatedly? Your Help key can occasionally become stuck, which would cause the ‘Get help’ warnings to appear. Incorrect system settings could possibly be the cause of this problem.

Both of these scenarios, as well as other unique situations, will be covered in this guide.

Here are a few alternatives to the automated How to get help in Windows 10 search pop-up window.

How do I stop How to get help in Windows 10 from popping up?

1. Check whether the F1 key jammed or not

It’s possible that your keyboard needs to be fixed. If the F1 key is in any way stuck, the get assistance in Windows 10 pop-up will appear.

Check the F1 key, then. With a different desktop keyboard, the Windows 10 help pop-up could not appear immediately. You can check to see if the pop-up still appears by unplugging a desktop keyboard.

2. Remove programs from Windows 10 Startup

    1. Use the Windows key + X hotkey to access the Win + X menu.
    2. Choose to launch Task Manager.
    3. The screenshot right below shows you to select the Start-up tab.
    4. A startup application can be turned off by selecting it and clicking the Disable button.

The F1 keys can be automatically pressed by keyboard macro programs. As a result, it’s important to see if any startup programs are causing the get assistance in Windows 10 pop-up to appear.

3. Check the Filter Key and Sticky Key settings

    1. On the taskbar, click the Type here to search Cortana button.
    2. Enter the search term “Sticky Key” in the box.
    3. To reach the Control Panel, click Open and then choose Turn on easy access keys as displayed below.
    4. If the Turn on Sticky Keys option is already selected, deselect it.
    5. Turn on Filter Keys is not selected.
    6. To validate the updated settings and close the window, click Apply and OK.
    7. If you’ve put F1 up as a Filter Key or Sticky Key, the get help in Windows 10 pop-up message can appear. Follow the instructions in the following solution to uncheck those options in Windows 10.

4. Turn off the F1 key

    1. To download the SharpKeys ZIP file to your HDD, click Download on the editor’s page.
    2. Press the Extract all button after opening the SharpKeys ZIP file in File Explorer.
    3. To choose a folder to extract SharpKeys to, click Browse. Then click the Extract button.
    4. Select F1 from the Map this key list in the SharpKeys box.
    5. Press the OK button after selecting Turn Key Off from the To this key list.
    6. Next, choose to Write to Registry and restart your laptop or desktop.

The How to obtain help in Windows 10 search pop-up won’t likely appear if the F1 key is disabled. The F1 key can be disabled using keyboard mapping software.

With the free keyboard mapping program SharpKeys, you can disable most keyboard keys.

5. Edit the Registry

    1. Utilize the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R.
    2. Type regedit into Run, then click OK.
    3. Then launch Registry Editor and navigate to this registry key:
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\
    4. Click EnableActiveProbing twice to bring up the window you see below.
    5. Then, to replace the current value of 1 put 0 in the Value data box.
    6. Close the Registry Editor by clicking the OK button.
    7. To restart Windows, select Restart.

Additionally, some users have used the Registry Editor to change the EnableActiveProbing DWORD value to stop the Get Help in Windows 10 pop-up from launching automatically.

6. Create a command script file

    1. Start Notepad.
    2. Add the script below and save the document as a script.cmd (make sure it is a CMD file, not a txt file)
      @echo off 
      taskkill /f /im HelpPane.exe
      takeown /f %WinDir%\HelpPane.exe
      icacls %WinDir%\HelpPane.exe /deny Everyone:(X)
    3. To execute the command script, double-click on it.

Make sure you attempt this method because it was provided by one of our readers and works like a charm. Simply delete the cmd script if it doesn’t work for you.

One of those fixes will most likely remove the Get Help in Windows 10 Bing search pop-up.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How come How do you stop Windows 10’s help windows from appearing?

The Get assistance message keeps appearing in Windows 10 for two main reasons: unintentionally pressing the F1 key or if the key is stuck. Malware or virus infection on your computer.

2. How can I stop Windows 10 from offering help?

cmd) The Windows 10 F1 Help Key will be executed and disabled on your computer when you right-click the renamed file and choose “Run as administrator.” From this point forward, using the F1 key while looking at your desktop should have no effect, preventing the slow and useless Windows 10 help command from appearing.

3. What is the Get Help app from Microsoft?

Before calling assisted support, consumers can use the Get Help app to self-help with troubleshooters, immediate answers, Microsoft support articles, and more. Utilize unattend if you have a support app or help website that you want to route consumers to.

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