How to Boost Fps Performance for Valheim on Windows 10

How to Boost Fps Performance for Valheim on Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Boost Fps Performance for Valheim on Windows 10”

  • Valheim is a fantastic survival game with top-notch graphics and gameplay.
  • You receive about 60 FPS if your PC is configured properly, but you can significantly boost that number by following a few simple procedures.
  • The key to this fix is changing the game’s boot configuration file.
  • To find out what to do if you experience any errors, go to the procedures below.

The next-generation survival game Valheim saw a huge increase in popularity following its prerelease. Considering its game style, the game plays rather smoothly, although it also relies on your computer’s setup.

However, the majority of gamers clock their visuals at around 60 FPS, which is acceptable. However, a guy stated on Reddit that he was able to increase its FPS rate by 39 FPS, which is quite amazing.

Read on to learn how to quickly increase your FPS because it’s really simple to do so, and the majority of players who tried it were successful.

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How can I boost Valheim FPS in Windows 10?

    1. To launch File Explorer, hold down the Windows key and E.
    2. Navigate to the next destination:
      • C:Program Files (x86)Steam steamappscommonValheimvalhei_Data
    3. Locate the boot or boot.config file, right-click it, pick “Open with,” and then select “Notepad.”
    4. The first and second lines at the top of the text should be the following lines.
      • gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1
    5. Close the file after saving it.
    6. Return to your Steam library and right-click Valheim to access the Properties menu.
    7. Open the launch options, enter “-windows-mode exclusive” in the corresponding field, and then dismiss the window.
    8. Choose Task Manager by doing right-click on the taskbar.
    9. Locate the Valheim process, then choose Go to details from the context menu.
    10. Set the priority of valheim.exe to High using the Set menu found by right-clicking the file.

The Task Manager stages (8–10) must be repeated each time you run the game for this strategy to work, but it’s worth it.

There is nothing else. You might not see the same 39 FPS rise as the user, but you will undoubtedly experience an increase in FPS.

If you experience any problems, you can modify the boot file once more in Notepad and remove the line that reads “gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1.”


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why is Valheim so unreliable?

Instead of operating as a true fullscreen mode, Valheim’s fullscreen mode more closely resembles a borderless windowed fullscreen mode, which can negatively impact performance on some systems. You can correct it by adding a command line to the Steam launch options field.

2. Does Vulkan raise frame rate Valheim?

Using Vulkan to play Valheim might increase the frame rate and eliminate crashes. The latest update to the Viking game improves more than just the bosses of Valheim. With the addition of Vulkan compatibility for Windows users, your gaming PC may run better overall.

3. What role does Vulkan play in Valheim?

The theory is that using Vulkan to run a 3D game like Valheim will help your computer reach its full potential by more intelligently allocating jobs between your CPU and GPU, making better use of multiple CPU cores, and doing a ton of other technical things.

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