Edge Has a New Password Monitor, and This Is How to Use It

Edge Has a New Password Monitor, and This Is How to Use It

Here we can see, “Edge Has a New Password Monitor, and This Is How to Use It”

  • Microsoft’s Edge 91.0.852.0 update adds a few new features to the browser.
  • The Password Monitor functionality has now been rolled out as part of the 91.0.852.0 release.
  • After the upgrade, Edge users can now open History, Favorites, and Downloads in various ways.
  • Edge’s reliability has also been improved due to the 91.0.852.0 update, which addressed several issues that had been reported.

In April 2021, Microsoft published a build 91.0.852.0 Edge upgrade for users on the Dev channel version of the browser.

Edge’s functioning has been improved slightly as a result of this upgrade. It also completes the Password Monitor feature’s rollout.

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The Dev channel at 91.0.852.0 has been updated

The 91.0.852.0 update was announced on Microsoft’s Edge Insider discussion board. According to the big M, users can now launch Favorites, History, and Downloads by pressing Ctrl + clicking or middle-clicking their buttons.

In Edge’s Feedback dialog, the update also adds an attach files button.

Microsoft also stated that the update would enable Edge’s Rebates by Shopping function by default, saving users from enabling it manually.

The 91.0.852.0 release also supports Chromium’s management policy, allowing users to import startup configuration choices.

The most important aspect of this update is that it completes the Password Manager rollout. Password Monitor, which monitors your passwords for recent data breaches, is now available to all Edge users.

This tool will notify you if any of your passwords have been compromised due to recent data breaches.

What are the steps to enable Password Monitor in Edge?

  1. To begin, hit the Alt + F hotkey in Edge.
  2. To open the tab seen in the screenshot below, click Settings.
  3. Then choose Passwords to see the alternatives shown below.
  4. If it’s turned off, enable the Show notifications when credentials are identified in an online leak option.
    • If you select this setting, Edge will notify you if one of your passwords has been compromised due to a data breach.
  5. Then, on any data breach notification that appears, click the View Details option to see which of your credentials has been compromised.
  6. To change a mentioned leaked password, press the Change button.

As a result, owing to the 91.0.852.0 upgrade, the Password Monitor is a remarkable new Edge feature that is now available to all users of that browser.


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User Questions:

1. What is Edge Password Monitor, and how does it work?

Password Monitor protects Microsoft Edge users’ online accounts by notifying them if any of their passwords have been discovered in an internet leak. Bad actors steal data from third-party apps or websites, resulting in online leaks or data breaches.

2. Edge has no way of knowing that my password has been leaked.

When you enable Password Monitor, Microsoft Edge compares the passwords you’ve saved in the browser with a cloud-based database of known leaked passwords. If any of your username-password pairs match those in the database, they’ll show up on the Microsoft Edge Settings’ Password Monitor page.

3. How can I enable password monitoring in Microsoft Edge?

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. In the toolbar, select the People icon.
  3. From the menu, select Manage profile settings.
  4. Click Passwords on the right.
  5. Turn on the option Show alerts when credentials are identified in an online breach on the following page.
  6. The functionality has now been turned on.
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