How to Fix Among Us Ping on Android & Pc

How to Fix Among Us Ping on Android & Pc

Here we can see, “How to Fix Among Us Ping on Android & Pc”

  • Right now, Among Us is a hugely popular game. However, many people cannot play it due to a variety of connectivity challenges, including severe ping and lag spikes.
  • We list 13 actions to assist you in permanently cure Among Us ping on Android and Windows. Make careful to look over the full list and experiment with different options.

The game Among Us has taken over the gaming world. However, suppose your ping is too high. In that case, it may be difficult to completely enjoy the game, especially if your crew is reliant on you. However, Among Us, ping can be fixed in 13 steps.

Why is my Among Us ping so high?

    • Your Internet connection is insufficiently fast.
    • Bandwidth is being throttled by your ISP.
    • The internet connection isn’t operating properly.
    • Computer has not been upgraded or optimized.
    • The Among Us servers are either down or completely full.

There could be several reasons why you’re experiencing lag spikes and latency issues when playing Among Us. Your ping should be under 100ms for a seamless gaming experience.

Fortunately, unless there’s a problem on the server-side, you may resolve the issue by following the simple steps outlined below.

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How to solve Among Us ping issues?

1. Connect to a game server in your region

Select your local area while looking for an online gaming server to play on. Otherwise, you may get an excessive ping in Among Us simply because the hosted server is too far away from your location.

If you live in Europe, for example, select the Europe region.

2. Update the game files and operating system

Are you using the most recent version of Among Us, Steam, Windows, or Android? It’s a simple remedy that is sometimes ignored, owing to its simplicity.

If Among Us isn’t operating on your computer, you need the first download the most recent version.

You’ll be able to take advantage of any new features, enhancements, bug fixes, or security patches this way. It could also imply that the Among Us ping has been fixed.

You can also tackle one issue at a time if you’re having technical issues, such as the Windows Update service not working or Steam updates stalled, or not downloading.

3. Check the Among Us server status

The most prevalent problem with this game is that its servers aren’t functioning properly. This could happen for various reasons, such as when there are too many users logged in or when the servers are in maintenance mode.

You either get the Matchmaker is a full error in Among Us, or you manage to find a server. Still, you cannot do anything about it due to excessive ping.

That’s why visiting the InnerSloth Twitter feed and the Among Us subreddit to check the game server status is a good idea.

At the very least, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what’s causing the high ping, and you can play anything else until the servers come back online.

4. Clear storage on your Android or PC

Your operating system, like games, requires free disk space to run vital functions in the background.

If you’re running low on storage, this could cause your high ping in Among Us.

However, you can quickly repair this by locating and deleting the largest files on your PC or Android. If you can’t make up your mind, erase old images and movies, but make a backup first.

5. Check your Internet connection

Due to excessive ping and lagging issues, you’ll have difficulty playing Among Us on your Android or PC if your internet connection isn’t up to par.

You may, however, perform a speed test on your computer to determine your download and upload speeds.

Running speed tests from various devices connected to the same network is also a good idea to rule out technical issues with your hardware (old smartphone, low-spec PC, etc.)

6. Change the Wi-Fi network or switch to wired mode

Since you’re evaluating your Internet speed, you should also check the quality of your Wi-Fi network to ensure your router isn’t malfunctioning. It’s a simple patch for the Among Us ping.

Simply run a speed test when your computer is connected to Wi-Fi, then repeat the test once you’ve switched to Ethernet mode.

If your wireless connection isn’t reliable, you can either solve your slow Wi-Fi, move to another Wi-Fi network (if possible), or play Among Us in cable mode.

For Android players, that final step may seem unattainable. Still, you can always use Wi-Fi hotspot makers or lag-free Android emulators.

7. Terminate any other running apps

You should terminate any other apps with Internet access that aren’t Among Us and Steam, especially if they consume a lot of network traffic.

On Windows, all you have to do is open the Task Manager, sort the processes by network usage, and kill the ones at the top.

Resource-intensive web browsers, torrent clients, and streaming apps are examples.

Simply close all other apps except Among Us on Android.

8. Disable background sync and auto updates

Your Android smartphone or tablet continually checks for new updates in the background.

Your Windows PC, of course, does the same thing. Unfortunately, they may consume a lot of bandwidth, causing ping troubles in Among Us.

Simply disable background syncing and auto-updates to resolve the issue. On a PC, this entails turning off the Windows Update service.

9. Optimize your GPU settings

If you’re playing Among Us on a Windows PC, double-check your graphics settings to ensure they’re gaming-ready.

To get the greatest gaming settings from your computer, you may adjust it manually or utilize a free application like Nvidia Control Panel. It is only compatible with Nvidia GPUs.

MSI Afterburner is another amazing freebie that allows you to adjust your GPU settings and boost the performance of your graphics card.

As a result, you may be able to resolve ping difficulties, such as Among Us latency.

10. Update your drivers

Driver updates are sometimes overlooked by PC users. Most people assume that their gear is incapable of handling gaming performance.

Check your device drivers, especially the GPU, and networking drivers, before you contemplate buying a new GPU card or a fully new computer.

If you’re prepared to put forth a little effort, you can manually update your drivers.

However, there’s a chance you’ll install incompatible drivers by accident, which could cause system instability.

To avoid this, use driver updater software solutions designed to detect old and obsolete PC drivers and automatically update them.

11. Use a VPN

A VPN can lower your ping by diverting your network traffic to a server closer to the gaming server.

The shorter the distance between the VPN and the game server, the faster the round-trip time and the lower the Among Us ping.

However, we strongly advise against utilizing free VPNs. They have a limited number of servers, which are frequently overburdened by other customers looking for free VPNs.

In-app adverts can put you in danger of becoming infected with malware and having your personal information gathered and shared with third parties.

12. Use a GPN

A GPN is a form of software that optimizes your network for gaming while also reducing ping.

Kill Ping is a nice example. It chooses the fastest route to a game server, much like a VPN.

The sole disadvantage of a GPN is that it cannot be used for anything other than gaming, even though it is usually more expensive than a VPN subscription.

As a result, a GPN is more suited to serious gamers. At the same time, a VPN is better suited to the typical Internet user. Kill Ping is only available on Windows PC.

13. Use a game booster

A game booster is a program that automates PC operations to improve your gaming experience with minimal user participation.

Game Fire is a good option, but you can also look into other Windows 10 game boosters.

You may expect running processes to be given lower priority, Windows unneeded features to be turned off, disk space to be defragmented, superfluous background services to be suspended, and anything else that generally slows down your gaming performance to be disabled.

Because a game booster can also be used as a ping reduction, it can help you lower your Among Us ping. Game Fire is available for Windows PC download.

Due to the game’s popularity, server connection issues are fairly common. You should be able to fix your Among Us ping by following the simple methods we mentioned above unless there’s a problem on the developer’s end.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. On Android, how do I fix our ping?

    1. Examine the Among Us Servers.
    2. For Your Region, Use a Dedicated Server.
    3. Examine your web connection.
    4. Please update the game.
    5. Install the Network Drivers again.
    6. Stop all other programs.
    7. Your DNS Server should be changed.
    8. Use a VPN.

2. How can I play in another region with a low ping?

The same requirements apply: to benefit from low ping, you must be as close as possible to the hosted servers. When playing on international servers, the best approach to fake it is to connect to a VPN server in the same location as the game server.

3. Why is it that my ping is so high among us?

You may be experiencing high ping in Among Us for various reasons. The main reason is usually the heavy load on the servers. The game has developed a lot of popularity quickly because so many people want to play it right now. This overloads the servers, resulting in downtime.

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