Files by Google Now has ‘Safe Folder’ Feature to Protect Sensitive Files


The attribute will let users establish a 4-digit PIN, which will allow them to save any of the sensitive documents in an encrypted folder.  If users switch to another program, the folder will be locked, and its contents will only be reachable through the Documents by Google program.

Microsoft also includes a similar attribute in OneDrive known as Personal Vault, which also has biometric safety.

Google’s program, Documents by Google, is a program for Android users that lets them handle files and free up space in their telephones in a simple way.  The program is currently being upgraded with a new attribute, PIN-Protected Safe Folder.

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This new attribute’s principal intention is to aid individuals who share Android apparatus so that they could protect important files like identity files in Safe Folders.  It’ll prevent unintentional deletion or sharing of files and let users maintain any of the”sensitive” photos private and protected.

After users move a document to the Safe Folder, the record will disappear from the rest of the file browsers and programs.  It follows that users must be cautious not to delete or uninstall the Documents by Google program or else they will ultimately lose their personal files.  Similarly, users must also be careful not to overlook their authentication PIN.

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