The 10 Best Google Products


Google will launch a lot of brand new products and features at its developer conference now.

About this new material, Google will launch, we are looking back at the ideal stuff it’s released thus far.


1. Google Search


Google search started in 1997.  The extremely relevant research engine has powered its way to all net users’ daily patterns.

Google set out to catalog the whole internet, and it has given users an infinite quantity of information at their fingertips.

Search remains Google’s finest merchandise.


2. Gmail


Gmail changed the way the world saw email.

It gave users unlimited email storage, so you never have to delete an email. That was unheard of before the service debuted.

As of January 2012, Gmail has 350 million active users.

Gmail launched on April 1, 2004, as an invitation-only beta release. It became available to the general public on February 7, 2007.

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3. Google Maps


Google Maps shifted everything.  The service debuted on February 8, 2005.

It assists countless individuals not to get misplaced and enables investigation of the entire world in the comforts of your home.

Street perspective becomes even more personal by allowing one to stroll down the streets of Paris like you’re there.


4. Android


Even now, the cell operating system directly competes with Apple’s mobile goods.

When Google started Android in 2007, it had been viewed as a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone and cellular operating system.

Android relies on Linux applications and provides users with another way to experience their cellular phones.


5. YouTube


Reuters reported in January, “YouTube, Google Inc’s movie site, is streaming 4 billion online videos each and every single day, a 25 percent rise in the previous eight months, according to the organization.”

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Launched in February 2005, YouTube enables countless individuals to detect, watch and discuss originally-created videos.

YouTube is among Google’s finest acquisitions thus far.


6. Chrome


The browser is also entirely consistent, letting you sign in with your Google account on multiple computers, providing you with the same experience.

As of May 2012, Chrome has approximately 33% global use share of internet browsers, which makes it the most commonly used browser, based on StatCounter.

Chrome is one of our favorite browsers, and we enjoy it because it is simple and speedy.

Chrome was created in September 2008.


7. Advertising


Unlike many advertisers, Google’s ads are now helpful from time to time.  If you look for a product, an advertiser may function as an advertisement.  It makes Google plenty of cash and assists customers.

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8. Google Docs


Google Docs took productivity software on the internet.  It changed the way people collaborate on files and back up their work.

The very best thing about the service is the cost: free.

Much like services like Microsoft Office can place you back at $149.


9. Google Translate


Translations are instantaneous, and the support can translate phrases, words, and web pages involving any mix of those 64 languages.

Google Translate is a free translation tool that supports up to 64 languages.


10. Blogger


Blogger is now available in more than 20 languages.

Google acquired Blogger’s creator Pyra Labs in 2003.  The purchase allowed the whole platform to become free.

Blogger made it possible for consumers to self-publish.