Facebook Temporarily Bans Ads for Weapon Accessories


Facebook has enacted a temporary ban on advertisements promoting weapon accessories like gun safes and holsters before their forthcoming Inauguration Day ceremonies.

With Inauguration Day set to occur on Wednesday, Jan. 20, Facebook is taking precautions to quell the possible spread of violence.

Facebook blocks weapon accessory ads


Following The Verge, Facebook has commissioned a temporary ban on advertisements that encourage weapon accessories and protective gear. These steps were taken “from an abundance of caution,” as clarified via Facebook’s most up-to-date blog update outlining its strategy. They will be set up until at least Jan. 22.

This is not an entirely new route for Facebook. According to its website, the platform prohibits advertisements for weapons, ammunition, and other weapon-related merchandise. Remarkably, the ban today extends into “gun safes, vests, and gun holsters in America.”

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Blocks events near White House

Formerly, Facebook outlined intends to track its stage for “signs of violence” before Inauguration Day. Techniques included restarting all political advertisements and obstructing new Facebook events occurring near the White House, the US Capitol, along with alternative state capitol buildings.

These policies seem to be in reaction to criticism that Facebook had enabled organizers to convene on the stage to go over the Capitol construction attack before Jan. 6.

People who break Facebook principles

Facebook asserts it will eliminate any content which violates its principles with these new steps in place. The social networking giant didn’t comment on if people who break the principles will have the ability to maintain their accounts.

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