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5 Ways to unravel the Extremely Annoying Issue of YouTube 400 Error

YouTube is that the world’s hottest video-sharing website. It’s also the world’s second-hottest program. So, it’s pretty darn popular. Whether it’s a clip, video song, tutorial, or anything, there are many videos to explore.

Owned by Google, YouTube works well most of the time. However, users sometimes face specific issues while watching videos. Therefore, we try to resolve one of the foremost annoying errors during this article – the YouTube 400 error or google error 400.

“400. That’s a mistake . Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know”. You’ll see this phrase displayed once you get the YouTube error 400.

You may face this error while browsing YouTube on PC or mobile and even on your Smart TV. We’ll mention the solutions for PC, laptop, and mobile during this article.

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Possible Solutions To The YouTube 400 Error

Solution #1 – Clear The Cache And Cookies From Your Browser

The YouTube 400 error “Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know” may occur either while you’re surfing videos. For example, you would send the YouTube server a nasty header within the requestor if the browser attempted to use something that’s already been cached. Clear the cache and cookies and restart your system; this may most likely solve your issue.

When we say to clear the cache, we mean clear everything. Please confirm you delete all the info by selecting the choice “the beginning of time.”

If you are doing not want to delete all of your data, try solution #2 first. If that doesn’t work, you’ll come to the present.

Solution #2 – Clear The Cookies For YouTube

Since it’s inconvenient to delete all the cookies and lose all of your saved settings and re-enter the login password for each website again, it’s a simple idea to clear the YouTube cookies instead.

Just delete all the cookies associated with YouTube and see if it works for you.

Click on the Menu Bar in your browser and attend the Settings.

We have found this method to figure 100% of the time, the sole drawback being it’ll log you out of your YouTube account.

Scroll down, and you’ll see the Advanced option at rock bottom, click thereon.

Please move to the Content Settings in the Advanced option, which you’ll find under Privacy and Security, and move to the Cookies and click on it.

You will find all the cookies that are stored. Look for the Youtube cookies by typing YouTube within the search bar. Then, all the cookies associated with Youtube will be shown, click on Remove All, and every one of the YouTube cookies will be deleted. Close your browser and restart your system.

Confirm the delete.

Here is the way to do it:

Menu Bar > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies > Type Youtube in search bar > Remove > Restart

Solution #3 – Switch To The Incognito Mode In Your Browser/ Try Resetting The Browser Settings

If Youtube couldn’t open a video for you, another simple solution goes into incognito mode. While countering “error 400 googles”, going into incognito mode can help with problems with your Chrome settings.

Try resetting it by going into the advanced settings.

From the Menu Bar of your browser, enter Settings.

At rock bottom, you’ll find the Advanced option; expand that. You’ll get a Reset option at the very end within the Advanced settings.

Click thereon and ensure Reset.

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Solution #4 – Replace The Direct Link To The Video With Video ID

If you’re trying to find a way to fix Google error 400 while browsing for a video on YouTube, another quick solution is to exchange the link to the video with the video ID. Again, it’s pretty simple to seek out the YouTube video ID.

Go to the YouTube website, and you’ll see the URL of that page. At the top of the URL, you see a mixture of numbers and letters just after a = (equal sign). That unique combination of letters and numbers is that the Video ID.

For example, if this is often your YouTube URL:

Then fTuGJDA-CRM is your video ID.

You will find this answer on YouTube Help Forum too.

Solution #5 – Reinstall Chrome

If you’ve tried all the 4 options above, the likelihood is that very slim that you would wish to require the drastic step of reinstalling your Chrome browser. But, sometimes, an extension or an external program can mess together with your browser files and either causes a conflict or corrupt them.

In such cases reinstalling the browser is that the sure-shot thanks to getting obviate this annoying error once and for all.


Why can we get the YouTube 400 error? Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we all know, and why the error occurs isn’t very clear. These are the most straightforward possible solutions to solve the YouTube 400 error while browsing for a video.

It’s not a tool or network error but a mistake with Google or YouTube itself. If you’ve got other suggestions that solve this error, please suggest them within the comment box below.

User Questions:


There is something wrong. I can’t upload a video to youtube—error 400. or null. 

Please fix this ASAP. 

Youtube said it isn’t their problem. 

2. Youtube 400 and 404 error

My youtube app in problem with the network(400) and (404). how am I able to solve this problem on youtube? Please answer me.

3. Youtube Vanced Sign-in Error Fix

I uploaded a brief guide on the way to fix the problem named earlier. Tested on the P40 Pro.

Have fun 🙂

*Edit: I’ve made a replacement video on this because the old one doesn’t seem to assist anymore:


someone else who has their’s work should confirm that I’ve got this documented correctly…

(if this does not fix, otherwise you mess things up you ought to be ready to uninstall and reinstall the youtube plugin, and it’ll reset to the default settings)

First, uninstall the YOUTUBE addon (you probably do not have to try to do this, but it had been just cleaner this manner I did not have to delete any folders)

Then reinstall the YOUTUBE addon… don’t check-in.