Epic’s next Fortography challenge involves the skin no one cares about

Epic’s next Fortography challenge involves the skin no one cares about

Epic is back with what will likely be the last Photography challenge in its Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7, this point seeking exceptional in-game “photography” involving the skin nobody cares about Kymera. The alien skin is exclusive because, unlike other items, players can heavily customize the character with different faces and features.

The Kymera skin was a singular addition to Fortnite with the arrival of its latest alien-themed season. The character allows players to settle on head shapes, faces, bodysuit colors, and smaller features like eye color and even whether the alien features a mustache.

Perhaps unfortunately for Epic, Kymera hasn’t proven fashionable players; you don’t often see these skins in Fortnite matches. Many players have said on social media that they haven’t even bothered to redeem Alien Artifacts.

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If you aren’t one among those people and do like this skin, then the new Photography challenge is for you. Epic said during a tweet that it wants to ascertain your best in-game screenshots of Kymera within the middle of the action; you’ll capture these screenshots during a game or using the replay feature after a game is finished.

As with previous Fortnite photography challenges, Epic says that players should tag their screenshots on social media using the #Fortography hashtag; the company can find the content. The screenshots Epic likes best will be selected and showcased to the broader Fortnite audience within the near future.

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