Fortnite Wild Weeks return with suppressed variants for stealthy gameplay

Fortnite Wild Weeks return with suppressed variants for stealthy gameplay

With the game’s newly released version 17.40 update, Epic has brought back its Fortnite Wild Weeks events. Like the last season, the Wild Weeks will involve rotating changes to the battle royale island’s weapon loadouts, replacing some with variants that temporarily change the way battles happen.

This season’s theme for the primary Wild Week is ‘stealth,’ something that ought to pair well with the recent Prop-ifier alien weapons released on the island earlier this month. The Wild Week will begin this Thursday, replacing the island’s Epic-tier and greater assault rifles, pistols, and every one bolt-action sniper rifles with their suppressed variants.

The idea is that players who have the Prop-ifier may have a stealthy advantage over their opponents, but now they’re lurking around an island filled with quiet weapons that’ll make it harder to stay track of nearby players. Epic will even the balance by adding more Prop-offers during this Wild Week.

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Likewise, Epic says that players will be ready to utilize Prop Disguise services at more vendors (NPCs) within the week. the primary Chapter 2 – Season 7 Wild Week is joined by a Legendary companion Quest, allowing players to earn more XP before the season ends.

Additional Wild Weeks will be unrolled within the future, each starting on Thursday following the previous Wild Week theme. Hebdomadally also will have its Legendary Quest chain. Players who haven’t unlocked all of the Battle Pass items can cash in on this new opportunity to reach their XP before the season ends.

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